40 Years of active firefighting service

40 years of active firefighting service

Five honors for 40 years of active service were on the program thursday evening at the fire department unterickelsheim. At the annual general meeting at the fire station, commander roland markert also gave an overview of the activities of the past year.

Fortunately, there was only one action in addition to eight practice sessions. At a traffic accident in martinsheim the fire department unterickelsheim was called to the security. In addition, there was a training course on the subject of photovoltaic systems and a first-aid course in the village. After testing by the county fire department, the tires on the portable fire engine were replaced and the pump was serviced at the customer service department. The commander was pleased with the good practice participation of the three female and 21 male active. Three firefighters had participated in all the drills last year. In addition to training and exercises, a performance test will also be held this year, announced markert. Two additional firefighters are now breathing apparatus carriers, making a total of six in unterickelsheim.

District fire inspector dirk albrecht emphasized that respiratory protection equipment is particularly important on site in the event of fires, as it is absolutely necessary to intervene as quickly as possible, even if this has not been necessary up to now. But also because of the local knowledge, the fire brigades are important in every village and the county continues to build on them, he explained. Therefore, also training courses and the performance examinations water and technical assistance are to be perceived as part of the training. He also pointed out that all firefighters should practice and master the use of digital radio.

District administrator tamara bischof praised the good camaraderie in unterickelsheim. She emphasized the importance of the training and thanked for the work and the commitment for the citizens and the community. She presented the state award for 40 years of active fire department and pointed out that the honorees are exemplary citizens of the district. She made special mention of mayor rainer ott, who is also among the honorees and has been active in fire department leadership in the town for 33 years, including 19 years as deputy and 14 years as commander.

For 40 years of active firefighting service were honored: manfred dahlfeld, robert gebhardt, manfred hajlek, thomas krenn, rainer ott.