560 Authors call for “digital rights convention

560 authors call for 'digital rights convention

The signatories of the appeal call for compliance with basic democratic rights on the internet – this should be ensured by the states and the UN. They criticize the fact that states and corporations can monitor every citizen to an unimaginable extent with just a few mouse clicks, while remaining intransparent themselves.

In the appeal, the authors demand that “every citizen must have the right to decide to what extent his personal data are collected, stored and processed and by whom; that he has the right to know where and for what purpose his data are collected; and that he can have them deleted if they have been illegally collected and stored”.”

To the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung, which, along with the guardian and 30 other newspapers worldwide, is publishing the appeal, the authors and co-initiators of the appeal, juli zeh and ilja trojanow, explain that it it’s about the conflict between the individual and absolute power under the new conditions of the information age.

In the summer, juli zeh had already sent an open letter to chancellor angela merkel, in which the writer called on her to tell the truth about the nsa spahaffare and to explain what the government would do to combat surveillance.

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