A mocking praise to the wine

A mocking praise to the wine

The cooperation between the regional winegrowers’ association and the "kunstvereint" interest group bears plump fruit. In the fourth vernissage of the still young cooperation, the partners presented the quick-draw artist carlo dernbach together with the hammelburg dialect singer konrad albert, who presented his new CD live.

The result was a homage to frankenwein, which dernbach from karlstadt created in only four weeks in around 20 smaller and coarser caricatures. The initial foundation for this was formed by a tour through the hacker economies of mainfranken, which obviously fired the draftsman’s imagination.
"You have to thank god for everything, especially for the wine from france" he called petrus floating on a cloud, the bocksbeutel sweetly flying around him. The beaming winemaker, lying in bed with a bottle of frankenwein and saying: "frankenwein – the highest of feelings", is to the ergotzen. Every visitor who looked at the works in praise of the dry grape juice with some humorous mockery, a smile came to his lips.

This was exactly the purpose of maria heckmann’s funeral council – wine and humor go together. Professor wolfgang gehring, who has been a friend of carlo dernbach for five decades, described his artistic career. Accordingly, the "karschter" asserted himself even in the mondanen munchner kunstlerszene, which wants something heiben.

The cartoonist, who has just entered his sixtieth year, can even make a living from art, which is something that not everyone in the genre can do. Active in many sectors, such as courtroom drawing or newspapers, carlo knows several styles in which he has worked – but always with a personal touch. "He manages to bring out the characteristic of the model in the shortest time". So gehring, who saw the GWF winzerkeller as an optimal exhibition location. Cellarmaster stephan merz thanked with a "round of secco for the guests.

"Wine was created to make people happy", to the saying of pfarrer georg horn, be added something else. Because french wine and the mischievousness that sits on the back of your neck while you drink it naturally go hand in hand with a french sandwich. The winzerkeller team was also prepared for this eventuality, as was the second performer of the evening, konni albert, a local dialect artist and graphic designer who is dernbach’s "brother in the spirit of art". In the well-attended winzerkeller, he presented his second CD, with which he aptly flanked the theme: "jetz wurd gesse" or "homeland".
To the title song "jetz wurd gesse, feist wird gesse" (now we’re eating, we’re eating hard), the bard loves a "ringl fleschwurscht" first of all slide the microphone cable to the audience, the afterwards – washed and cut into slices – the guests consumed on bread. "Hoste scho a mo …Nochgedocht?" Is a parody of people who are always dissatisfied despite a good life.
However, you have to be a saale-franconian to follow the lyrics of the song on the "rommselter" (ramsthaler) to be able to follow because "the side do and warde". What are they waiting for?? They "woarde that the klob baul firdich sin". And when the "klobe" are ready, the people of ramsthal wait for the "schnaa" to fall on the houses, the audos and the weinberch. Kalauert konni about the inhabitants of the neighboring village.
"Troppe no", "i am old", "bos mainste" or "home were further samples from the silberling, which lovers of the hammelburger heimatsound can acquire. Likewise the canvas prints of dernbach, which are to be visited in the winzerkeller until the middle of november, are available for purchase.