A winning design is found

The architectural competition "city bookshop at the market place 10" entered the decisive phase last week. The jury met on thursday – and the public only had to wait until saturday to be presented with the winners in the city palace and with closer details at the subsequent vernissage.

Mayor andreas hugerich (SPD) first thanked marek stadthaus from architekturburo schirmer, who was commissioned by the city of lichtenfels to organize the competition. He also thanked the four expert judges, chaired by stephan haublein, the three expert judges from the city administration (gerhard pulz, steffen hofmann and christine wittenbauer), the deputy expert judge christian vogel and the ten consultants (redevelopment consultant rita v. Frantzky, gunther neuberger from the government and seven city council members).

Europe-wide call for tenders

Marek stadthaus said that more than 60 architects had responded to the europe-wide call for tenders. A total of 15 entries were submitted on time, and the results were displayed on three wall panels in the city palace.

Architect and urban planner stephan haublein spoke of the unusually good result of the competition. It was an exciting task in which three points were important – namely to create an appealing connection between the market square and the city palace, to renovate the building on the market square appropriately, especially with regard to the facade, and to harmonize the city library and the tourist information center. There was certainly room for further discussion with regard to optimizing the design.

Finally, haublein presented the work of the three prize winners with the help of a model and with pictures and plans. The first prize of 20000 euro was awarded to studio grunder kirfel from bedheim, represented by florian kirfel and nikola van der werf.

Courtyard and library included

The design impressed the jurors with its geometrically clearly developed, elongated library area on the east side of the courtyard. In order to reduce the height to the city palace, a gently rising staircase will run in the courtyard. Flat, wide steps lead up to the second floor. At the end of the courtyard room, a staircase leads to the roof terrace above the reading room and on to the city palace. This will structurally integrate the high retaining wall and overcome it spatially.

Three steps are combined into one seating level, which allows for a variety of uses in the courtyard. Parallel to this, the interior also rises in the form of stairs. A roof garden on the second floor offers seating areas. An elevator is available for the administration, while the elevator in the bookstore also serves as a barrier-free connection between the marketplace and the palace.

Due to the stairs, however, there is no barrier-free access to the lower library level and the inner courtyard. This must be optimized in the subsequent award procedure. A lot of wood is used in the existing building, including the facade. Viewed from above, the municipal library is divided into three buildings – the historic building on the market square, the reading room and a building at the back of the building.

Gateway in the center in the future

This means that the gateway, which was asymmetrically moved and enlarged in the 1970s for the then aldi store, will in future once again sit in the middle of the building. The proportions of the public passageway to the city palace will also be reduced to a rough contractual level for the building.

The second prize of 11,000 euros went to the architekturburo baum-kappler from nurnberg, whose competition work was only slightly inferior to that of the winner, according to stephan haublein.

In this design, the terraced new building is also carefully adapted to the existing building and, by means of a staggered structure, ensures high quality design in the outer areas as well as an inner courtyard and two terraces, which are in spatial relation to the inner areas of the library, whereby the complex hollow situation of the site was well solved.

The third prize, worth 6500 euros, went to the architects of the new building. U. G.-architects from munich are pleased.