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Windheimer without internet

Many people from windheim tried in vain to log on to their internet on thursday and friday. At the same time, according to thomas reub from windheim, it was not possible to report the outage via the provider’s hotline. In his opinion, this is not possible.
The network affected was that of neftv, which has recently been operating under the pyur brand and offers high-speed internet in the munnerstadt area. The provider only found out about the network failure in windheim on friday after an inquiry from the city of munnerstadt. Thomas reub is not surprised. "No one could report the cancellation."
Thomas reub, who partly works from home, had no access to data stored in a cloud for more than 20 hours due to the outage. Another windheimer with a home office had a similar experience. The landline network, which was connected to the internet, was also paralyzed by the outage. All his efforts to report the fault by smartphone failed at the hotline. One did not get through, laments reub.

City informed companies

The city of munnerstadt did not know about the outage on friday morning either, although windheim’s local representative klaus schebler was also affected by the outage. The latter saw the situation rather calmly, because thanks to his cell phone he was able to cope with the breakdown over this long period of time. Rainer straub from the city’s building department was able to reach an employee of the company on friday to report the stoppage. He was then told that a member of staff would take care of him. On friday afternoon, rainer straub announced that windheim was back on the net and that the local representative had been informed. The failure was blamed on a fault in the circuitry.

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A jewel for st. Oswald

A jewel for st. Oswald

"It's going to be a beauty", the clergyman, who is particularly impressed by the two-story parish hall and the youth room with its sandstone barrel vaulting, is certain of one thing.

The house, built in 1707, together with the parsonage and two smaller buildings on tradgasse, is one of the oldest buildings in untersteinach. In the past the organist lived there, later the house became a protestant school and was used for choir rehearsals and as a teacher's apartment. The building has been empty since 2007.

Throughout the summer, the building was carefully gutted before the installation of new ceilings and the moderate extension in the direction of the cemetery were begun. This annex will house toilets in the basement and kitchens and toilets for the disabled on the first floor. "Old and new buildings will be clearly separated from each other visually", explains wolfgang oertel, according to whose words the extension is covered with sheet metal.

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560 Authors call for “digital rights convention

560 authors call for 'digital rights convention

The signatories of the appeal call for compliance with basic democratic rights on the internet – this should be ensured by the states and the UN. They criticize the fact that states and corporations can monitor every citizen to an unimaginable extent with just a few mouse clicks, while remaining intransparent themselves.

In the appeal, the authors demand that “every citizen must have the right to decide to what extent his personal data are collected, stored and processed and by whom; that he has the right to know where and for what purpose his data are collected; and that he can have them deleted if they have been illegally collected and stored”.”

To the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung, which, along with the guardian and 30 other newspapers worldwide, is publishing the appeal, the authors and co-initiators of the appeal, juli zeh and ilja trojanow, explain that it it’s about the conflict between the individual and absolute power under the new conditions of the information age.

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Heavy bus accident triggers rough handling

Heavy bus accident triggers rough handling

A trip comes to an end: on tuesday afternoon, a coach with passengers from spain and portugal, coming from berlin, had a serious accident on the A9 near marktschorgast. The vehicle from the czech republic, carrying 51 people, hit a small truck from neustadt an der aisch, which was on the road at around 15.30 o'clock because of a breakdown on the middle lane had broken down. The 49-year-old czech bus driver was trapped in his completely destroyed driver's cab and had to be rescued by the fire department. He and two passengers suffered serious injuries, seven other people were slightly injured.

The accident resulted in a rough deployment of the rescue forces. Two helicopters and around 150 rescue workers were at the scene of the accident. Seven emergency physicians and 50 bavarian red cross personnel attended to the ten injured and partially shocked travelers and transported them to nearby hospitals.

90 firefighters in action

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Cyclist drunk and with hashish

In the night to tuesday, cyclists were checked during traffic controls in habfurt and zeil, because they were on the road without lighting. A 38-year-old man was found to have an odor of alcohol. A voluntary test revealed a value of 1.0 per mille. In addition, he lost a lump of hashish of 0.45 grams in front of the officers, which is why he is now facing charges for possession of narcotics.

A 36-year-old man, who was also driving in a serpentine manner and against the prescribed direction, was also found to have a strong odor of alcohol, whereupon a voluntary test revealed a value of 1.68 per mille. After a blood sample was taken, he was only allowed to push his bicycle.

The third cyclist was found with 0.6 grams of hashish and 0.1 grams of amphetamine in his shirt pocket, after the 31-year-old had not been able to identify himself and had been searched for an identity document.

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District of forchheim: savings bank closes three branches

Three branches of sparkasse forchheim schlieben as of 1. August. For older citizens in particular, this is tantamount to a catastrophe. The associations were informed in writing by the sparkasse that personal service in the branches in reuth, dormitz and hiltpoltstein will be discontinued as of 1 january 2009. August is no longer offered like this on site, but in the nearest branches, tells gisela geldner of the french-swiss association. Harald reinsch, a member of the savings bank’s board of management, cites the steadily increasing use of the internet and digital communication channels as a reason for this. The personal service in the branches is being used less and less."In addition, the current framework conditions created by covid-19 mean that our customers are making even greater use of our additional service offerings such as telephone customer service, the internet branch with our online banking and the savings bank app", says harald reinsch. "Online banking is a thing of the past. For the young people, this is no problem, but the older people are not familiar with it. You’re pressing a wrong button", counters geldner and leaves the end of the sentence open. Geldner cites the money transactions as the next example. As association chairwoman, she also picked up cash or paid in and got to the branch by fub or by bike. But in the future, doing business at the club will mean driving to grafenberg. "The older people first have to find someone to bring them to grafenberg. An environmental problem it is too", finds geldner. So far everything for the local supply is available in the village. The doctor, a dentist, a small supermarket, the post office and pharmacies deliver to homes. Now one branch after the other seems to be going bye-bye. "If the savings bank is at least open for business on a daily basis like the raiffeisenbank", says geldner. The cooperative bank is staffed on two days. This is what the citizens can adapt to. "You can ask and get help. The older people come to the counter with their bills and the employees fill them in", woman the local councillor of the free choice. However, the savings bank branch will not be manned for some days. Chairman of the board ewald maier summarizes the new orientation of the sparkasse: "the long-standing customer and advisor relationships will of course remain in place. Our customers will continue to be served by their existing advisor. Consultation takes place in the nearest competence center or, at the customer’s request, in the original place of business or at the customer’s home. The self-service areas will also remain and can still be used by our customers around the clock." The spontaneous completion of monetary transactions is therefore not possible. So there is only the trip to forchheim, to grafenberg or to neunkirchen am brand for the dormitzer burger.

Recently renovated

Gisela geldner is surprised, since the savings bank branch in hiltpoltstein was renovated only half a year ago. There used to be a cafe there, but it has been demolished. Then the savings bank built a house in which the rooms for the banking business and employees are downstairs and an apartment upstairs. The managers of the savings bank call the decisions about their business outlet network a special challenge. "In addition to various key figures, we always take local characteristics into account", explains michael gobwein, head of the sales management and communications division. The fact that hiltpoltstein is rather remote and isolated from local traffic is known to the responsible parties. "This is another reason why we did not close the hiltpoltstein branch, but on the contrary modernized it only a short time ago. The self-service area will continue to be available to our customers around the clock, and we will continue to offer older people in particular the opportunity to receive advice on site, says gobwein. Hiltpoltstein mayor gisela schulze-bauer (BFH) has a completely different opinion: "the savings bank is a corporation under public law and is geared toward public benefit." The fact that the savings bank has to think economically is something it understands to a certain extent. "But a small part of public utility should remain. I see the responsibility in the care of the rural population. At least the counter could be manned for a few hours," says the artist, says schulze-bauer, who also expresses this in a letter to the bank’s managers. "The savings bank should not concentrate where it makes the most money. Otherwise, it is no different than other banks.", finds the mayor. She hopes for a reconsideration of the plan of the savings bank.


With 31 locations, sparkasse forchheim will continue to have the densest branch network of all financial service providers in the city and district of forchheim. It has 24 staffed business units, including twelve so-called competence centers, comprehensive service offerings and seven self-service locations.

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Sweden “happy and proud” after victory

Sweden 'happy and proud' after victory

After a successful start to the world cup, the relieved swedes immediately set their sights on another goal. "Germany is the next opponent we want to beat," coach janne andersson said after his charges’ 1-0 start against sudkorea.

Saturday’s duel with the stumbling world champions in sochi is taking on an explosive quality not thought possible: the swedes can knock out the defending champions with a win. This would have been the first first-round exit for germany in its glorious world cup history – and the second win in the second match would probably mean a safe qualification for the eighth finals for the three-crowned team.

"They have to win now, it won’t be easy," warned matchwinner andreas granqvist, who scored the winner with a penalty kick (65 minutes) in a low-scoring match against very weak asians. Minute) the decision was made by. "It’s wonderful that we won. But mexico’s win makes the group a little tougher for us," said the 33-year-old captain, who also impressed as a tackler and leader.

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Merger of karstadt and kaufhof becomes more likely

merger of karstadt and kaufhof becomes more likely

The owners of karstadt and kaufhof have made progress in their talks about a merger of the two department store chains.

The canadian department store owner hudson’s bay company (HBC) and the austrian karstadt owner rene benko signed a declaration of intent on tuesday, as the "wirtschaftswoche" reports.

It envisages bringing kaufhof, karstadt and karstadt sport into a joint venture. This was confirmed to the german press agency on wednesday from negotiating circles.

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Nordhalben first rough appearance

Nordhalben first rough appearance

Three months from now. On 27. September brings director michael "bully herbig after numerous comedies and satires such as "the shoe of manitu with "balloon his first thriller in german cinemas – and with him nordhalben.
The kloppelgemeinde was one of only four filming locations last october, along with munich, berlin and modlareuth, and plays a central role in the film as a backdrop for the thuringian town of pobneck. In 1979, the strelzyk and wetzel families assembled a balloon in which they made a spectacular escape from the former GDR. What the film team shot in nordhalben in the almost three weeks can be seen since thursday in the first official trainer of the film. Because in the two and a half minutes cut together, which are supposed to make people look forward to the start of the movie, several corners were allowed to look familiar to the residents – even if trabbis and wartburgs roll over the streets and the facades of the houses show clear signs of age. In order for the film to be as realistic as possible, set builders and scenographers were on the move in several corners of the market.

Popular motif

The garden vine appears in the trailer particularly often. Not only was an extra garage built, but two house facades were completely redesigned as well. From the bird's eye view you can also see the former bakery in the curve next to the town hall. But in the film it has become a pharmacy. The premiere can come.

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Hochstadter put girlfriend in “absolute mortal fear

Hochstadter put girlfriend in

The policeman on the witness stand left no doubt about his opinion: "the woman was absolutely scared to death." his testimony was decisive for the verdict: one year and four months imprisonment for the defendant in the end. The prison sentence was not suspended because the convicted person has a criminal record.
At the continuation of the court hearing on domestic violence that had taken place in july and on christmas 2017 in hochstadt, everything then happened quite fast. At the last meeting, about two weeks ago, the injured party had put the incident into extreme perspective. Judge hagen forster had been very upset because her statements hardly coincided with those she had made to the police immediately after the incident.

The descriptions were plausible

On thursday, the officer from the hochstadt police department, who was on duty both times, gave a detailed account of what had happened. After the argument in july, the victim had cursed her way into a corner bar opposite the shared apartment. The host had called the police. When the witness arrived on the scene with his colleague, the defendant "aggressively shouted out of the window". Then he put on a silly grin, cracked his fingers and said that he was waiting for the police in the apartment, he would not let himself be arrested. When the time came – the officers had requested reinforcements for safety's sake – the man then accepted the punishment without resistance.
When the police officer went into the apartment with the victim because she wanted to pack some things, he discovered clear evidence of a "physical altercation" in the living room and bathroom. Everything matched the woman's description: that her partner threw a cup at her and locked her in the bathroom, where he then forced his way in. "The broken pieces of the cup were lying on a small table, the lock of the door was broken out and the door itself showed fresh splinters." also that she had protected herself with her wrist when he tried to hit her head against the mirror was plausible because of the swelling of the joint.
He also described the christmas incident as a traumatic experience for the victim, who, as he repeatedly emphasized, was "absolutely scared to death" had had. "I"ve only seen this kind of upset behavior in serious accidents where it was a matter of life and death." in such circumstances, in his opinion, no one can make up a story.
"Especially since I later questioned them back and forth at the police station. There were no inconsistencies, everything was conclusive." Besides, the corresponding injuries had been visible and had been photographed: hamatomas in the face, worm marks on both sides, a bloodshot eye, hamatomas on the back and in the chest area.

Problematic relationship

He was aware of the "problems of the relationship" between the two but quite aware of it, the policeman put on record. He himself had seen that the woman had moved back in with the defendant barely a week after the second incident. "And it was at this time also quite normal." He had also noticed that with a certain time interval the interest in prosecution was lost each time.
This was probably also the case at the last hearing, when the witness was supposed to testify in court. She downplayed everything extremely, the events were, according to lawyer thomas skapczyk, not provable with her testimony. He therefore pleaded for acquittal.
The prosecutor saw it differently – as did richer forster. The detailed and credible testimony of the police officer, as well as the photos that clearly document the injuries, both love to conclude that the accused must have mistreated the woman. If also not abschliebend could be clarified, what exactly had happened.
In addition, he had demonstrably insulted the policemen and the host of the corner pub. Whether he had also thrown a bottle at the host, could not be clarified. The host had not appeared as a witness, but this, according to judge forster, would not have been of further importance. The verdict is not yet legally binding. 

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