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Abuse: children’s railroad employee must go to jail

Abuse: children's railroad employee must go to jail

The station manager had sexually abused two children aged 12 and 14 ten times. The defendant exploited his superior position towards the victims, the judges ruled. Three employees of the family attraction in the wuhlheide amusement park have so far been given custodial sentences.

The dismissed station manager and his friend, who was not employed at the children’s railroad, apologized. "I’m sorry for the damage i did to the young," affirmed the 31-year-old german railroad train conductor. The confessions spared the young men embarrassing testimony, judge uwe notzel considered mitigating the punishment. Through his lawyer, the then 12-year-old said, "I will be haunted by these deeds for the rest of my life.

The boy felt obligated to the children’s railroad, he wanted to move up and leave a good impression, said sylvia frommhold, the representative for the nebenklage. The boy had not dared to reveal himself. Involvement in the park railroad system made it so dangerous. Sexual assaults occurred on park railroad property and in private homes from 2005 to 2007.

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Second probe: spd wants to see results

Second probe: spd wants to see results

Berlin coalition poker enters decisive round. The CDU/CSU and SPD will meet in berlin on monday at 4 p.M. For their second round of exploratory talks. The 21 negotiators from the CDU, CSU and SPD want to delve deeper into key issues such as taxes and minimum wages to see whether formal coalition negotiations make sense.

On tuesday, the union and the greens will meet for their second round of exploratory talks. CDU secretary general hermann grohe and his CSU colleague alexander dobrindt have, according to the bild newspaper-newspaper on sunday evening with grunen chief cem ozdemir the issues firmly. The union wants to talk to both potential partners about the complex issues of europe, finance, demographic change, federalism reform, the economy, internal security and foreign policy.

Green leadership to decide immediately after tuesday's talks whether to give black-green a chance. SPD also wants clarity quickly. If the exploratory talks are successful, a party convention is to decide on sunday whether negotiations will take place. SPD members to vote on coalition agreement.

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Adac and adfc criticize poor cycle paths

adac and adfc criticize poor cycle paths

In rare unity, car and bicycle lobbyists criticize the cycle paths in german cities.

Around one in three cycle paths (36 percent) does not even meet the minimum width requirements, according to the german automobile club (ADAC), which based its findings on a recent random sample. "Only one in five bicycle lanes reached or exceeded the standard widths."

The auto club had tested 120 routes in the five state capitals with the highest and the five state capitals with the lowest proportion of traffic accounted for by bicycles to see whether the existing cycle paths could cope with the ever-increasing volume of traffic. The munich-based company used the current recommendations as a yardstick, according to which, for example, a bike path that can only be used in one direction should be at least 1.60 meters wide, but normally two meters wide.

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Breeding show at the dachshund club rhon/saale

"Who is the most beautiful in the country?" At least once a year the 70 members of the dachshund club rhon/saale ask themselves this question. The question is answered professionally at the breeding shows, as was the case this time when the local club invited to the deckel breeding show at klaushof.

One of the dog owners made it clear that this was not a performance show, but a test of the breed. Purely the appearance of the long, short and rough-haired dachshunds is checked according to precise, internationally prescribed guidelines. Anja busch, a performance judge from ahorn near coburg, took on this task this weekend.

Each of the 20 or so dachshunds presented was examined, measured, weighed and the gait assessed. The fur and teeth were examined. Those who did not like to be looked in the mouth had bad cards, because the evaluation of each presented dog took place after a form evaluation: from the age of nine months the animals can be presented, whereby a pedigree and the membership in the association are not necessarily necessary.

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School year begins: police want to raise awareness among parents

School year begins: police want to raise awareness among parents

On tuesday, 12.September is the start of the new school year and many parents bring their children to school by car. The seat belt and child restraint requirements are particularly important here. In the first week of school, therefore, nationwide action days will be held to monitor the obligation to wear seat belts and child restraints.

In 2016, one in five people killed in accidents was not wearing a seat belt

The number of unsecured car passengers in traffic accidents in bavaria shows the necessity of this action: in 2016, almost one in five people involved in a car accident was not wearing a seat belt. Last year, a total of 306 car occupants lost their lives in bavaria. Of these, 60 people were not wearing a safety belt. In addition, two children were killed in 2016 who were not wearing their seat belts properly.

21 unbelted fatalities on the roads again in 2017 through may. In central franconia, 18 people not wearing seat belts were seriously injured and five killed by june 2017.

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