Baseball hitter misused as a weapon

baseball hitter misused as a weapon

In order to decide the impending dispute in his favor, the 40-year-old, who has since been "incarcerated," brought in kai havertz, a baseball bat from his car. But he had not reckoned with the skill of his 51-year-old opponent, who took his sports equipment from him. But the opponent was not a professional baseball player either, he also failed to hit the ball.
The subsequent scuffle was so little relevant in terms of criminal law that the simple bodily injury against the hit man was discontinued. What remained was an attempted dangerous bodily injury, because a baseball bat is not only suitable for knocking balls out of place.
The 51-year-old’s criminal record was astonishing, with eleven convictions. Including traffic offences of all kinds, thefts and offences under the narcotics act. But his opponent also has some experience with the courts. He was handcuffed and fubfesselt. Narcotics offences had landed him in jail.
Since attorney ralph pittroff read out a declaration for his client in which the attempted dangerous bodily harm was admitted, the prosecution witness in prison clothing did not have to be questioned.
The verdict then fully corresponded to the request of prosecutor michael hoffmann. Judge sieglinde tettmann sentenced the defendant to a fine of 900 euros. A high price for a failed hit with the baseball hit, but a mild sentence for a notorious offender.