Bbz munnerstadt in the plan, hammelburg high school stopped for the time being

Bbz munnerstadt in the plan, hammelburg high school stopped for the time being

The millions flew around the ears of the district council members at the meeting of the culture committee on thursday: they set 30.14 million euros as the upper limit for the new construction of the vocational training center (BBZ) in munnerstadt. Architect prof. Gunter benkert even had the good news that the estimate after about 80 percent of awarded trades is about 600000 euro below. In contrast, the costs for the renovation of hammelburg’s frobenius grammar school more than doubled: the district had started with 15 million euros. In the meantime, according to district administrator thomas bold (CSU), it is "just under 40 million euros". Therefore, the committee now first decided on a feasibility study.

Younger buildings are to make way

Michael weinbrenner, managing director of the munich office of haindl und kollegen, presented the current planning for hammelburg. "The 1960s building brings quality, but the 1984 building is problematic", he summarized the investigation of the substance. Among other things, the load-bearing corridor walls make it difficult to implement new concepts in the younger part of the building. Therefore, it is to be demolished, the old building housed superordinate rooms such as teachers’ rooms, and an extension building with learning landscapes was built on the site of the current gymnasiums. Along kissinger strabe, the district had to rebuild gymnasiums and a dining hall as a result. "The project has become increasingly rough, especially the costs for the building services have exploded for us", weinbrenner admitted.

"The concept is very conclusive, we have no problem with that, but the costs hurt", commented county commissioner bold on the development. "We are reaching our limits", district councilor and nudlingen mayor harald hofmann (CSU) pointed out that the municipalities must also share the district’s investments. Deputy district administrator monika horcher (grune) also referred to the unresolved question of accessibility. In order to increase traffic safety, district administrator bold can well imagine a campus solution with the secondary school, but: "we do not have to decide whether the road is closed", he referred to the city of hammelburg’s competence with regard to bus traffic.

De-interchange at the principal’s office

In the end, the committee voted unanimously for a new study and thus a further delay. "That doesn’t mean we’re putting it on the back burner," said bold, assured bold. It is to be decided still this year, how it continues. In response to a question, he also emphasized that the feasibility study is to examine only solutions on the existing site.

"I naturally regret that there is now an interruption in the planning process, which has already lasted six years.", school principal matthias ludolph commented on the decision, but also expressed understanding for the decision. Already in 2013, there was a "considerable backlog of renovations" found at the school. Ludolph also reaffirmed that the entire staff is behind the pedagogical concept that was presented. The school is focusing on more self-directed learning, independent of structural developments. Ludolph is now hoping that the de-railing at the school will not be too rough and "that the delay will be as short as possible".

In contrast, the BBZ has far fewer worries. Although there was also an increase between the costs estimated in 2017 of 26.77 million euro to the 29.39 million euro now expected, the costs receivable are still below the maximum receivable amount. So no grants will be lost. In addition, the causes of most of the additional costs are known: the largest item is the excavations with about 750,000 euros. Just 5000 euros were received in subsidies. "We were aware of the construction risk", bold pointed out the location on the edge of the old town. Other special costs: 200,000 euros for demolition work, 180,000 euros each for the relocation of a wall and the construction of a public road, and 130,000 euros for drainage. The committee even granted the architect the three-dimensional northwest facade: for an additional cost of 17,000 euros, there will now be shading as envisaged in the design. According to the administration, around 10 million euros will be spent at the BBZ in 2019, with caritas taking over 42 percent of the expenditure. The building is scheduled for completion in june 2020.