Bethlehem is everywhere, also in kulmbach

Bethlehem is everywhere, also in kulmbach

Kulmbach gets a crib trail – with stations to look at and marvel at throughout the city? Plans for this already exist, and the prerequisites are also in place – thanks to a generous donation from the kulmbach pastor georg ochsenkuhn. The catholic clergyman collected christmas cribs from 55 countries in europe, africa, asia and america for about 40 years and recently donated the collection of about 400 specimens to the city of kulmbach.

To make sure that the people of burgenland also got something out of it as soon as possible, helmut volkl, head of the tourism and event service, and many helpers organized an impromptu exhibition in public buildings: in the town hall, in the tourist information office, at the municipal utilities and in six shops in kulmbach, interested people can admire the scenes – traditional representations from austria and italy as well as exotic-looking interpretations from the world of christian art cameroon and the philippines.

The story that, according to christian belief, took place in the stable in bethlehem was told a long time ago, and israel is a long way away. The crib builders have therefore always tried to integrate the event into their own world. The figures usually wear the facial features and clothing of the respective tribe. When poncho-clad shepherds and their lamas make their way to the manger, or the african mary bends over her dark-skinned infant jesus, the artist emphasizes what he considers to be the most important aspect of the christmas story: "the savior is born to me today."

The ochsenkuhn collection is a showcase of christian folk art around the world, shaped by the mentalities, personal faith experiences and traditions of the artists who created it.

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