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Family drama in leipzig: official sees no fault

Family drama in leipzig: official sees no fault

The employee of the general social service (ASD) had in april the last contact with the 26-year-old and no further need for care had been seen. "At the moment, it is still completely open whether applicable standards were possibly undercut," said haller.

The woman and two-year-old boy were killed in the night of 17. June found dead in her apartment. Child probably died of thirst in agony next to his mother’s body. However, the final autopsy result is still pending.

"The employee had known about the case for a long time and was aware of the circumstances," said haller. The authorities were aware that the woman had been playing since at least her 16th birthday. Was addicted to narcotics before the age of 18. At the end of last year, the mother broke off contact with the addiction counseling service, according to leipzig’s addiction officer sylke lein.

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Harsdorf is rusted

All of harsdorf is in competition fever again. After the great success of the previous year at the 26. District decision "our village has a future – our village should become more beautiful", when the village was awarded the gold medal, the community and associations are now preparing to compete in the national competition on 14. June to score.
The prospects of being at the forefront of bavaria are not even the worst, after all, harsdorf is an attractive, innovative and committed town that has a lot to show for itself.
Harsdorf made a strong impression at the district competition with its social and cultural activities, as well as with the design and development of the town’s grounds. And the municipality, which has a population of just under 800, also wants to come up trumps in the national competition. With the "gesundheitsbahnhof" (health station) project not only a lighthouse project was created, but also a decisive improvement for the social life and the supply in the health area. And the good access to public transport makes the place attractive as a place to live for people of all ages. And the sports and cultural associations can be relied upon.

100 employees in the village

The good cooperation between the municipality and the fruit and horticulture association is traceable in the basic design. Thus, in recent years, no less than 200 trees were planted.
Although harsdorf does not have a designated industrial area, it has been able to attract or retain businesses in certain areas. The harsdorf malt factory, which is asserting itself on the market with new products, and some craft enterprises.
The robotif company, which is active worldwide in the robotics business, is located in the altenreuth district. All in all, the community’s businesses offer 100 jobs that are subject to social insurance contributions.

Construction work continues

The community of harsdorf is currently in the process of renovating the "zur tanne" community center energetic renovation. With the revitalization of the former brewery, a gem is being brought back to life. Until the state competition on 14. June these works are not finished for a long time, nevertheless harsdorf wants to score with it.
The municipal cemetery was also important for mayor gunther hubner: "after laying out a median, we have now done some reworking in the upper area and improved the area of the group grave. Here we get another donation for a gravestone from the harsdorf malt factory."

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Lead, premeditated and knobbly: the turn of the year from a to z

Lead, premeditated and knobbly: the turn of the year from a to z

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one: on sunday, 31. December at midnight the old year ends and the new year begins. But midnight is not the same time everywhere in the world – and the needs and traditions are also quite different. A new year’s eve ABC:

A for apia: 13 hours before the corks start popping in europe, the capital of the pacific island nation of samoa is already celebrating – at 11 am.00 a.M. CET.

B for lead: a popular way to predict the future. However, since lead is highly toxic, it is better to use safe tin. It melts easily and is easy to work with.

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Health forces zimmer to resign

Health forces Zimmer to resign

To the 31. March 2020 gerd zimmer will resign as mayor of the municipality of hausen for health reasons. The decision was not taken lightly on the advice of the doctors and himself, the SPD politician explains in a press release.

In 2015, zimmer suffered a severe stroke that resulted in loss of speech (aphasia) and paralysis. "My responsibility as mayor motivated me to get back on my feet as quickly as possible and to carry out my duties, reports the head of the hausen community.

However, his health had deteriorated in recent months, so that he was no longer able to perform the office to the required standards. "I have therefore filed an application for invalidity and, after a medical examination, submitted it to the municipal council for a decision."

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