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Sweden “happy and proud” after victory

Sweden 'happy and proud' after victory

After a successful start to the world cup, the relieved swedes immediately set their sights on another goal. "Germany is the next opponent we want to beat," coach janne andersson said after his charges’ 1-0 start against sudkorea.

Saturday’s duel with the stumbling world champions in sochi is taking on an explosive quality not thought possible: the swedes can knock out the defending champions with a win. This would have been the first first-round exit for germany in its glorious world cup history – and the second win in the second match would probably mean a safe qualification for the eighth finals for the three-crowned team.

"They have to win now, it won’t be easy," warned matchwinner andreas granqvist, who scored the winner with a penalty kick (65 minutes) in a low-scoring match against very weak asians. Minute) the decision was made by. "It’s wonderful that we won. But mexico’s win makes the group a little tougher for us," said the 33-year-old captain, who also impressed as a tackler and leader.

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Sebastian stastny gives ebern’s csu a pass

Sebastian stastny gives ebern's csu a pass

After 18 years, there will be a change in the mayor's seat in 2014. But at the CSU in ebern, the search for a successor for robert herrmann (63) is still completely open. "A heiben kandidat" there is no such thing. This is what local chairwoman gabriele rogner freely confesses.

The second burgermeister refuels between the years for a few days at the north sea. After own avowal it wants to breathe again, before "the heibe phase of the election preparations begins.

By february/march, as she told the FT on the phone, rogner wants to have clarified the question of the candidate, even before the annual meeting of the local association, at which the new election is also on the agenda. She assumes that she will remain CSU chairwoman in order to lead the local association into the municipal election campaign.

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The energy turnaround falls on seehofer’s face

The energy turnaround falls on seehofer's face

A year ago, the rapid nuclear phase-out by 2022 was supposed to be a winning issue for the CSU – but in the meantime, party leader horst seehofer is falling for the energy turnaround. At every opportunity, seehofer complains about the lack of progress in berlin; in unison with economics minister martin zeil (FDP), he warns of the dangers for bavaria. In an act of obvious helplessness, seehofer wrote in the "suddeutsche zeitung" that the accused had not yet been charged in the meantime, even a new state-owned bayernwerk has been brought into play – even though the state electricity monopoly has been irrevocably abolished and such a revived state-owned company would in all likelihood write high losses under the current conditions.

"When it comes to very important questions – which come up once every one or two years – you have to drive", seehofer said in may 2011 – and led the CSU down a path that a majority in the party executive did not want to take. At a turbulent CSU executive board meeting in kloster andechs, seehofer forced his rebellious party friends to their knees and committed the CSU to an exit date of 2022. An early phase-out is feasible and realistic, seehofer said many times.

But it is now becoming very clear that the energy turnaround in the form promised by seehofer is neither feasible nor realistic. The state government’s energy concept has several key points: the expansion of renewable energies to 50 percent of bavarian electricity production by 2020, the construction of four to five new gas-fired power plants to replace shut-down nuclear power plants, and the expansion of high-voltage transmission lines. Bavaria should continue to cover its own electricity needs, and electricity should not become more expensive.

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New vehicles for the fire department

New vehicles for the fire department

At its annual general meeting, the fuchsstadt volunteer fire department looked back on 222 hours of service by its 72 active members. In addition still approx. 1800 hours of training for the active, youth and children’s fire brigades. Here the commander peter stoth thanked particularly the care teams of the children and youth fire department.

The planned acquisition of a new losch vehicle was presented, which is currently being worked on. In addition, there will be a rescue vehicle for flood operations of the county, which will be located in fuchsstadt.

District fire chief oliver lukaschewitsch thanked the responsible persons for the successful work with children and young people. The district fire chief also informed about upcoming trainings, courses and special events for the youth. Treasurer mario rosser gave an overview of the finances, cash auditors markus schneider and thomas knuttel confirmed a flawless management and unanimously discharged the board of directors. Youth leader tim englert proudly reported on his group, which consists of one girl and 15 boys.

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Second probe: spd wants to see results

Second probe: spd wants to see results

Berlin coalition poker enters decisive round. The CDU/CSU and SPD will meet in berlin on monday at 4 p.M. For their second round of exploratory talks. The 21 negotiators from the CDU, CSU and SPD want to delve deeper into key issues such as taxes and minimum wages to see whether formal coalition negotiations make sense.

On tuesday, the union and the greens will meet for their second round of exploratory talks. CDU secretary general hermann grohe and his CSU colleague alexander dobrindt have, according to the bild newspaper-newspaper on sunday evening with grunen chief cem ozdemir the issues firmly. The union wants to talk to both potential partners about the complex issues of europe, finance, demographic change, federalism reform, the economy, internal security and foreign policy.

Green leadership to decide immediately after tuesday's talks whether to give black-green a chance. SPD also wants clarity quickly. If the exploratory talks are successful, a party convention is to decide on sunday whether negotiations will take place. SPD members to vote on coalition agreement.

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