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Nordhalben first rough appearance

Nordhalben first rough appearance

Three months from now. On 27. September brings director michael "bully herbig after numerous comedies and satires such as "the shoe of manitu with "balloon his first thriller in german cinemas – and with him nordhalben.
The kloppelgemeinde was one of only four filming locations last october, along with munich, berlin and modlareuth, and plays a central role in the film as a backdrop for the thuringian town of pobneck. In 1979, the strelzyk and wetzel families assembled a balloon in which they made a spectacular escape from the former GDR. What the film team shot in nordhalben in the almost three weeks can be seen since thursday in the first official trainer of the film. Because in the two and a half minutes cut together, which are supposed to make people look forward to the start of the movie, several corners were allowed to look familiar to the residents – even if trabbis and wartburgs roll over the streets and the facades of the houses show clear signs of age. In order for the film to be as realistic as possible, set builders and scenographers were on the move in several corners of the market.

Popular motif

The garden vine appears in the trailer particularly often. Not only was an extra garage built, but two house facades were completely redesigned as well. From the bird's eye view you can also see the former bakery in the curve next to the town hall. But in the film it has become a pharmacy. The premiere can come.

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Hochstadter put girlfriend in “absolute mortal fear

Hochstadter put girlfriend in

The policeman on the witness stand left no doubt about his opinion: "the woman was absolutely scared to death." his testimony was decisive for the verdict: one year and four months imprisonment for the defendant in the end. The prison sentence was not suspended because the convicted person has a criminal record.
At the continuation of the court hearing on domestic violence that had taken place in july and on christmas 2017 in hochstadt, everything then happened quite fast. At the last meeting, about two weeks ago, the injured party had put the incident into extreme perspective. Judge hagen forster had been very upset because her statements hardly coincided with those she had made to the police immediately after the incident.

The descriptions were plausible

On thursday, the officer from the hochstadt police department, who was on duty both times, gave a detailed account of what had happened. After the argument in july, the victim had cursed her way into a corner bar opposite the shared apartment. The host had called the police. When the witness arrived on the scene with his colleague, the defendant "aggressively shouted out of the window". Then he put on a silly grin, cracked his fingers and said that he was waiting for the police in the apartment, he would not let himself be arrested. When the time came – the officers had requested reinforcements for safety's sake – the man then accepted the punishment without resistance.
When the police officer went into the apartment with the victim because she wanted to pack some things, he discovered clear evidence of a "physical altercation" in the living room and bathroom. Everything matched the woman's description: that her partner threw a cup at her and locked her in the bathroom, where he then forced his way in. "The broken pieces of the cup were lying on a small table, the lock of the door was broken out and the door itself showed fresh splinters." also that she had protected herself with her wrist when he tried to hit her head against the mirror was plausible because of the swelling of the joint.
He also described the christmas incident as a traumatic experience for the victim, who, as he repeatedly emphasized, was "absolutely scared to death" had had. "I"ve only seen this kind of upset behavior in serious accidents where it was a matter of life and death." in such circumstances, in his opinion, no one can make up a story.
"Especially since I later questioned them back and forth at the police station. There were no inconsistencies, everything was conclusive." Besides, the corresponding injuries had been visible and had been photographed: hamatomas in the face, worm marks on both sides, a bloodshot eye, hamatomas on the back and in the chest area.

Problematic relationship

He was aware of the "problems of the relationship" between the two but quite aware of it, the policeman put on record. He himself had seen that the woman had moved back in with the defendant barely a week after the second incident. "And it was at this time also quite normal." He had also noticed that with a certain time interval the interest in prosecution was lost each time.
This was probably also the case at the last hearing, when the witness was supposed to testify in court. She downplayed everything extremely, the events were, according to lawyer thomas skapczyk, not provable with her testimony. He therefore pleaded for acquittal.
The prosecutor saw it differently – as did richer forster. The detailed and credible testimony of the police officer, as well as the photos that clearly document the injuries, both love to conclude that the accused must have mistreated the woman. If also not abschliebend could be clarified, what exactly had happened.
In addition, he had demonstrably insulted the policemen and the host of the corner pub. Whether he had also thrown a bottle at the host, could not be clarified. The host had not appeared as a witness, but this, according to judge forster, would not have been of further importance. The verdict is not yet legally binding. 

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Anna prohaska celebrated at balcony concert

Anna prohaska celebrated at balcony concert

At a corona concert on the balcony of her apartment in berlin, the famous coloratura soprano anna prohaska was celebrated by her neighbors.

"I found the most appreciative audience of all. The people shouted at me to sing one song after the other until I was almost hoarse at the end," said the musician in a video interview with the director of the festival europaische wochen passau, carsten gerhard, which was published on tuesday.

"You can see how people long for classical music. I hope this radiates beyond the corona crisis and people remember what music meant to them at that time."

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Nasa probe to take sample from asteroid bennu

Nasa probe to take sample from asteroid bennu

Osiris rex" is the first probe from the u.S. Space agency nasa to take a sample from an asteroid – and later deliver it to earth.

In a complicated manover lasting several hours, the probe is to approach the asteroid bennu to within a few meters and then take the sample with a kind of robotic arm.

The robotic arm, called "tagsam" (touch-and-go sample acquisition mechanism), will touch the surface of the asteroid for about five seconds and eject nitrogen under pressure. This is supposed to make the surface swirl. Then a sample of about 60 to 2000 grams is to be sucked up before the entire probe moves away from bennu again.

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Forest owners are “in the middle of a disaster”

Forest owners are 'in the middle of a disaster'

"We must not give up fighting for our forest." With these clear words, birgitt ulrich, the managing director of the habberge forestry association (FBG), informed the numerous forest owners and interested parties attending the hartleb inn in maroldsweisach about the state of the local forest. And he is suffering.

With 880 members, the FBG is an association of private and municipal forest owners who own a total of 21,600 hectares of forest. So far, the annual cut has been 32,000 solid cubic meters, but this is changing due to the calamitates. "We are now at a point where forest conservation comes first", ulrich made clear, further sharpening her previous words. During a forest inspection in april of this year in the hofheim area, she was still talking about an imminent catastrophe. Even though the event, which was attended by federal member of parliament anja weisgerber, among others, shook up the political scene and the federal parliament is considering what to do, the FBG managing director has now spoken of the fact that "we are in the middle of a catastrophe". Ulrich urged those present to write letters to their deputies so that they continue to advocate for the forest and its owners.

Forester patrick valtenmeier showed what kind of damage spruce has to contend with. While last year there was an increase in the number of copper engravers in the region, which destroyed the forest, this year there was also the book printer. These two species attack the bark of the mainly weakened trees and multiply rapidly. Among the wood-breeding pests, the striped bark beetle has already been spotted, and even the douglas fir is no longer spared from pest infestation. On the other hand, the beech is particularly hard hit by the heat. There is deep drought damage, especially in south-exposed areas. Cracks in the soil cut through the vital dark roots of the trees. The oak tree, on the other hand, is suffering from the oak moth and the oak moth. When asked about alternative tree species, the forester could only answer that almost all tree species are infested by pests due to the heat damage.

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Baseball hitter misused as a weapon

baseball hitter misused as a weapon

In order to decide the impending dispute in his favor, the 40-year-old, who has since been "incarcerated," brought in kai havertz, a baseball bat from his car. But he had not reckoned with the skill of his 51-year-old opponent, who took his sports equipment from him. But the opponent was not a professional baseball player either, he also failed to hit the ball.
The subsequent scuffle was so little relevant in terms of criminal law that the simple bodily injury against the hit man was discontinued. What remained was an attempted dangerous bodily injury, because a baseball bat is not only suitable for knocking balls out of place.
The 51-year-old’s criminal record was astonishing, with eleven convictions. Including traffic offences of all kinds, thefts and offences under the narcotics act. But his opponent also has some experience with the courts. He was handcuffed and fubfesselt. Narcotics offences had landed him in jail.
Since attorney ralph pittroff read out a declaration for his client in which the attempted dangerous bodily harm was admitted, the prosecution witness in prison clothing did not have to be questioned.
The verdict then fully corresponded to the request of prosecutor michael hoffmann. Judge sieglinde tettmann sentenced the defendant to a fine of 900 euros. A high price for a failed hit with the baseball hit, but a mild sentence for a notorious offender.

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Green light for the ketchentor in coburg

An end to the meandering through butcher’s alley. From now on, the ketschengasse can be driven out of town again – but only to casimirstrabe. The last 150 meters will probably remain a construction site until the end of the year.
There is one exception: the sambaumzug will drive from anger through the ketschendorfer strabe into the ketschengasse. From 23. July then the construction work will be resumed. After the laying of the pipes was more complicated than expected, the ceiling and paving work can only be started now, as housing architect rainer wessels explained at the press conference on wednesday. By the end of the year, the acceptance test should be completed, says ullrich pfuhlmann, technical director of wohnbau.
Susanne wittman from the public order office points out that ahorner strabe will remain a dead end until the work is completed, casimirstrabe will be passable on both sides, but turning through ketschentor will not be possible.

Kleine allee

Wider sidewalks, the somewhat narrower two-lane paved street, a small avenue consisting of eight columnar oaks and a sophisticated lighting concept then provide an attractive welcome to the city.
A start was already made in 2017 with the illumination of the ketschentor and the villa victoria. Pfuhlmann, who showed understanding for the difficult situation of the individual handlers, then promises an appealing entree and hopes to be able to compensate somewhat for the restrictions during the construction period.
For city manager andrea kerby-schindler the closure of the ketchentor was also a psychological issue. "If the gate is closed, you can’t get into town. This train of thought created a barrier in the mind", says it. That’s why in the future, together with anette vogel from wohnbau, formerly a city manager herself, there are plans to improve communication on future construction sites, also "to take some of the drama out of it".
On the coming weekend one wanted therefore under the slogan "green weekend" spreading hope, as she says. Green light for a free ride, it promises and announces various actions by retailers. The flyers will be available tomorrow.

Window cleaners please report!

The work continues on monday, 16. July with the "window cleaning" project. City councillors, employees of the wohnbau and the city management will clean the windows of the construction site dust and swing the cleaning rag on this day. "Volunteers are still welcome", says andrea kerby-schindler with a smile.

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Road construction is brought forward

Road construction is brought forward

Mayor franz buttner (ABB/interessengemeinschaft) had announced the good news in the town council. Ramsthal is quasi the laughing third, because the extension of the circle road KG 13 between garitz and wittershausen is delayed. Therefore, funds are available in the short term to implement the mabnahme in ramsthal.
"Planning by the engineering firm hahn und kollegen (bad kissingen) is running at high pressure", says dobler. Until 1. September they must be submitted to the government of lower franconia in order to receive state subsidies. If all goes well, according to dobler, the construction machines will be able to start up in may of next year. Before the end of the year the acceptance could be completed.
The road will be built between the ramsthal exit in the direction of ebenhausen and about 250 meters past the old ramsthal sports field. Juergen dobler estimates the cost of building the tram at 800,000 euros. The sharp curve coming from ebenhausen shortly before the entrance to ramsthal will also be significantly softened as a result of the reduction in the number of lanes. This area will be "significantly safer" thanks to a coarser curve radius and a steeper cross slope, says dobler.

Core stuck traffic circle

The centerpiece, however, will be a traffic circle at the intersection of KG 4 and KG 6 in the direction of the B 286 and the landfill site at the height of the old sports field.This will alleviate another focus of accidents. The aim was actually to change the main direction of travel and to give KG 6 the right of way over KG 4 coming from the direction of ebenhausen. This, however, had led to a significant change in the course of the route.
The traffic circle, on the other hand, is considered a good solution, not least because it creates a calmer area. This is important with regard to the bike path network. Cyclists have to cross the road here.
A cycle path is also to be built from the exit of the town to the exit at haskenstein.

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Racism debate: knorr renames its “gypsy sauce

racism debate: knorr renames its

Against the backdrop of the discussion about racist names and terms, the knorr brand's "gypsy sauce" is renamed. "In a few weeks you will find this as "paprika sauce hungarian style" on the shelf," the parent company unilever told "bild am sonntag" at the request of the newspaper. "Since the term "gypsy sauce" was used can be interpreted negatively, we have decided to give our knorr sauce a new name."

The term "gypsy" is an old collective term for various ethnic groups that probably spread from india, especially through southeastern europe. The central council of the sinti and roma ethnic groups living in germany calls the term "a foreign designation of the majority society overlaid with cliches, which is rejected by most members of the minority as discriminatory". The term is also perceived in this way in public usage.

"Gypsy sauce": term has been used for over 100 years

The term "gypsy sauce" has been used in cakes for more than 100 years. In the reference book for the classic cuisine of escoffier it can be found already in 1903. It refers to a spicy, rooty sauce with stubby ingredients and is nowadays usually made from tomatoes, often with paprika, onions, vinegar and spices. Traditionally, consumers associate the sauce with hungarian and spicy flavors. According to sinti and roma, the sauce does not originate from their kuche.

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Federal cartel office examines prices at charging stations for electric cars

Federal Cartel Office examines prices at charging stations for electric cars

The charging infrastructure for electric cars is only just being set up in germany – but the federal cartel office is already receiving an increasing number of complaints about prices and conditions.

That’s why the competition authority now wants to take a closer look at the provision and marketing of publicly accessible charging stations in a sector inquiry, as it announced in bonn.

"The conditions and prices for charging in public areas are of central importance for the decision of consumers to switch to electromobility," explained cartel office president andreas mundt.

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