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Merger of karstadt and kaufhof becomes more likely

merger of karstadt and kaufhof becomes more likely

The owners of karstadt and kaufhof have made progress in their talks about a merger of the two department store chains.

The canadian department store owner hudson’s bay company (HBC) and the austrian karstadt owner rene benko signed a declaration of intent on tuesday, as the "wirtschaftswoche" reports.

It envisages bringing kaufhof, karstadt and karstadt sport into a joint venture. This was confirmed to the german press agency on wednesday from negotiating circles.

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Three sports clubs become one

Three sports clubs become one

What has been true for a long time is now becoming good after all. The merger of the wiesentheider sports clubs DJK, FSG and TSV is to be completed by the summer of this year. This friday, the first meetings of the three clubs will take place, at which the respective clubs must give their approval. The goal is to have only one joint sports club in wiesentheid as early as may or june of this year.

To start with, two-thirds of the members must be present at each of the extraordinary meetings in accordance with the articles of association in order to be able to pass resolutions. That could come both with the TSV (approximately 1200 members), with the DJK (approximately 750 members), and with the FSG (approximately 200 members) probably hardly, so that according to default in four weeks a second date is called up. At the second meeting, the simple majority of the members present was enough.

Basics worked out

The merger ended a chapter that had been debated in the community for years. The topic – a sports club in wiesentheid – was relaunched in 2005 when the soccer departments of the DJK and TSV joined forces to form the FSG (soccer and sports community). This was the beginning of the association. In 2009, the project received new impetus, the three clubs drew up joint bylaws, worked out the economic basis, and discussed the matter with the mabgabenden sports associations.

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Ex-professional and book author borowka reads in jail

ex-professional and book author borowka reads in jail

It wouldn’t have taken much for uli borowka to have ended up in jail himself. "I also have a record," says the former bundesliga professional and dry alcoholic. In the suff, he was often not in control of his senses, provoked brawls, smashed up the porsche and beat up his wife.

"I screwed up a lot and was lucky not to get locked up."His audience of around 50 people had a different experience: they were inmates of the berlin juvenile detention center and had committed serious robberies or dangerous bodily harm. They listened attentively as borowka read from his book "volle pulle". My double life as a professional football player and alcoholic" reads aloud.

The 50-year-old with the stubbly beard and the deep wrinkles around his mouth already stands out visually from his audience. He, the former star of werder bremen appears in a green shirt, she, the prisoner in the red leisure outfit of the prison. Borowka got his act together, but only after he had lost everything: his cars, his job and his family.

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With a fresh thirst for action in kirchheim

With a fresh thirst for action in kirchheim

The 21. Matchday 2. Basketball league proa leads baunach young pikes to kirchheim knights, eleventh in the table. The game starts on saturday at 19.30 o’clock (free livestream at airtango).Live).

After the nerve-racking defeat after two losses against trier, the young pikes in the relegation battle must turn their focus to the next opponent as quickly as possible. They have analyzed the reasons for the defeat and are setting about the upcoming tasks with fresh vigor. After all, there is still a third of the season to play, and the baunach team still has every chance of making it to the bottom of the league despite the deficit. But for this they must finally turn the good performances into something payable. Saturday in kirchheim unter teck they will have the next chance to do so.

The knights have nine wins so far and also need every success they can get to have a say in the play-off places. Surprisingly, they are in foreign halls so far much more successful than at home in their small sports hall. The kirchheimers have only won three games in front of their vociferous fans, but they want to improve this poor record as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the young pikes can not be satisfied with their record, because except for the victory in heidelberg they always went as losers from the parquet.

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