Family drama in leipzig: official sees no fault

Family drama in leipzig: official sees no fault

The employee of the general social service (ASD) had in april the last contact with the 26-year-old and no further need for care had been seen. "At the moment, it is still completely open whether applicable standards were possibly undercut," said haller.

The woman and two-year-old boy were killed in the night of 17. June found dead in her apartment. Child probably died of thirst in agony next to his mother’s body. However, the final autopsy result is still pending.

"The employee had known about the case for a long time and was aware of the circumstances," said haller. The authorities were aware that the woman had been playing since at least her 16th birthday. Was addicted to narcotics before the age of 18. At the end of last year, the mother broke off contact with the addiction counseling service, according to leipzig’s addiction officer sylke lein.

At the last meeting on 10. On april, the worker assessed the apparent health of the mother and child, as well as how they were interacting with each other, explained ASD director sybill radig. The supervisor assessed both as good and released the 26-year-old without arranging a further meeting. The woman also reported at the meeting that she wanted to move away from leipzig with her new life.

It is now being investigated whether the supervisor had to call a team conference to discuss and review his decision with representatives of the other aid agencies, said jugendamt director haller. Whether it was a wrong decision, one could not evaluate at present. Haller: "it’s not about prejudging a colleague in this shock."