Health forces zimmer to resign

Health forces Zimmer to resign

To the 31. March 2020 gerd zimmer will resign as mayor of the municipality of hausen for health reasons. The decision was not taken lightly on the advice of the doctors and himself, the SPD politician explains in a press release.

In 2015, zimmer suffered a severe stroke that resulted in loss of speech (aphasia) and paralysis. "My responsibility as mayor motivated me to get back on my feet as quickly as possible and to carry out my duties, reports the head of the hausen community.

However, his health had deteriorated in recent months, so that he was no longer able to perform the office to the required standards. "I have therefore filed an application for invalidity and, after a medical examination, submitted it to the municipal council for a decision."

Zimmer emphasizes: "i was happy to continue in office and to see through to the end projects that had already been started, such as isek, open all-day school, and the renovation of the town hall, multipurpose hall and kindergarten in wimmelbach."

Zimmer expresses his thanks to all the burghers who placed their trust in him in the 2014 election and stood by his side until the end, and to all the employees of the municipality of hausen, who often had to work under difficult conditions. Until his retirement, the second mayor, bernd ruppert, will continue to run the office on a deputy basis.