Hochstadter put girlfriend in “absolute mortal fear

Hochstadter put girlfriend in

The policeman on the witness stand left no doubt about his opinion: "the woman was absolutely scared to death." his testimony was decisive for the verdict: one year and four months imprisonment for the defendant in the end. The prison sentence was not suspended because the convicted person has a criminal record.
At the continuation of the court hearing on domestic violence that had taken place in july and on christmas 2017 in hochstadt, everything then happened quite fast. At the last meeting, about two weeks ago, the injured party had put the incident into extreme perspective. Judge hagen forster had been very upset because her statements hardly coincided with those she had made to the police immediately after the incident.

The descriptions were plausible

On thursday, the officer from the hochstadt police department, who was on duty both times, gave a detailed account of what had happened. After the argument in july, the victim had cursed her way into a corner bar opposite the shared apartment. The host had called the police. When the witness arrived on the scene with his colleague, the defendant "aggressively shouted out of the window". Then he put on a silly grin, cracked his fingers and said that he was waiting for the police in the apartment, he would not let himself be arrested. When the time came – the officers had requested reinforcements for safety's sake – the man then accepted the punishment without resistance.
When the police officer went into the apartment with the victim because she wanted to pack some things, he discovered clear evidence of a "physical altercation" in the living room and bathroom. Everything matched the woman's description: that her partner threw a cup at her and locked her in the bathroom, where he then forced his way in. "The broken pieces of the cup were lying on a small table, the lock of the door was broken out and the door itself showed fresh splinters." also that she had protected herself with her wrist when he tried to hit her head against the mirror was plausible because of the swelling of the joint.
He also described the christmas incident as a traumatic experience for the victim, who, as he repeatedly emphasized, was "absolutely scared to death" had had. "I"ve only seen this kind of upset behavior in serious accidents where it was a matter of life and death." in such circumstances, in his opinion, no one can make up a story.
"Especially since I later questioned them back and forth at the police station. There were no inconsistencies, everything was conclusive." Besides, the corresponding injuries had been visible and had been photographed: hamatomas in the face, worm marks on both sides, a bloodshot eye, hamatomas on the back and in the chest area.

Problematic relationship

He was aware of the "problems of the relationship" between the two but quite aware of it, the policeman put on record. He himself had seen that the woman had moved back in with the defendant barely a week after the second incident. "And it was at this time also quite normal." He had also noticed that with a certain time interval the interest in prosecution was lost each time.
This was probably also the case at the last hearing, when the witness was supposed to testify in court. She downplayed everything extremely, the events were, according to lawyer thomas skapczyk, not provable with her testimony. He therefore pleaded for acquittal.
The prosecutor saw it differently – as did richer forster. The detailed and credible testimony of the police officer, as well as the photos that clearly document the injuries, both love to conclude that the accused must have mistreated the woman. If also not abschliebend could be clarified, what exactly had happened.
In addition, he had demonstrably insulted the policemen and the host of the corner pub. Whether he had also thrown a bottle at the host, could not be clarified. The host had not appeared as a witness, but this, according to judge forster, would not have been of further importance. The verdict is not yet legally binding. 

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