Lead, premeditated and knobbly: the turn of the year from a to z

Lead, premeditated and knobbly: the turn of the year from a to z

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one: on sunday, 31. December at midnight the old year ends and the new year begins. But midnight is not the same time everywhere in the world – and the needs and traditions are also quite different. A new year’s eve ABC:

A for apia: 13 hours before the corks start popping in europe, the capital of the pacific island nation of samoa is already celebrating – at 11 am.00 a.M. CET.

B for lead: a popular way to predict the future. However, since lead is highly toxic, it is better to use safe tin. It melts easily and is easy to work with.

C for champagne: the french wine-growing region of champagne produced 309 million bottles last year, generating sales of 4.7 billion euros. Rough export market was the united kingdom.

D for dinner for one: the sketch with freddie frinton and may warden about miss sophie’s 90th birthday party. Birthday is running on new year’s eve on many programs, and that since 1963: "the same procedure as every year".

E as in one million: according to the organizers, that’s how many people gather for the new year’s eve party at times square in new york. But fireworks are just as rare there as alcohol.

F for fireworks: fireworks on new year’s eve have a long tradition: even the germanic tribes wanted to drive away evil spirits with light and noise. The "bread instead of boller" campaign but reminds people to think of those who have nothing to celebrate on new year’s eve.

G as in "happy new year": but beware! The classic new year’s eve wish has nothing to do with black ice or slush. Some researchers drove it to the judaic festival "rosh hasanah" back. Others refer to its use as a synonym for "bon voyage".

H for hopping: in the philippines, children jump as high as possible into the air at midnight. This should give your growth a boost in the new year.

I for islam: muslims celebrate the beginning of a new year not with bangers and rockets, but with traditional wind instruments.

J for end of the year: from one second to the other a year is over. The end of the year goes at midnight directly into the beginning of the year. In your mind, you suddenly have more days ahead of you than behind you.

K for bang: in bulgaria, the new year starts with a bang. Blows to the back with the "surwatschka, a decorated branch of the kornelkirsch tree, should bring health and wealth in the new year.

L for larm: even in the days before new year’s eve, dogs should only be taken for walks on a leash, advises the german animal welfare association. The banging is pure stress for dogs and cats and can cause panic in many pets.

Safe into the new year: how to avoid accidents on new year’s eve

M for midnight: the moment everyone is looking forward to – with a countdown for the first drink, the first kiss, the first firecracker of the year.

N for new year’s concert: the vienna philharmonic orchestra gives what is probably the world’s best-known new year’s concert every year at the traditional music society of the austrian capital vienna.

O for oliebollen: they are the traditional new year’s eve cake in the netherlands. The deep-fried "olklopse" thickly sprinkled with powdered sugar dogs are so popular that a newspaper even chooses the best oliebollen in the country every year.

P for mishap: probably the most famous TV new year’s eve mishap was made by ARD in 1986. During the broadcast of chancellor helmut kohl’s speech on new year’s eve or new year’s day, someone had put in the wrong tape. And so it was that kohl told the audience on the 31st that. December 1986 a good year 1986 wished. Apart from that, however, the error was hardly noticeable – because the other phrases were all rather generic.

Q for quark: doughnuts or lucky pigs made from quark-ol dough are among the most popular new year’s eve treats.

R for raclette: many germans prefer to bury the new year with a pan in their hand. Raclette has established itself in many parts of the republic as a new year’s eve feast. Advantage: because it always takes a while for the kase to run its course, people are forced to talk to each other at the table. Raclette – the social network among new year’s eve dinners.

S for new year’s eve I.He is probably the most popular pope – not because of his work, but because of the day of his death: pope sylvester I. Died on 31. December almost 1700 years ago in rome.

T for grapes: in spain, the chimes of a tower clock are heard on television and radio at midnight on new year’s eve. To each note, people eat a bunch of grapes, which is supposed to bring luck. The twelve "uvas de la suerte" (grapes of happiness) can be bought at a discount.

U for underwear, red: in italy, on new year’s night, if you wear red underneath, you will be lucky and successful. Department stores and lingerie stores change their offer shortly after christmas: no matter if lace panties or boxer shorts – the main thing is red.

V for vorsatze, gute: almost as certain as the good new year’s resolution is its failure. An english study with 3000 participants has shown that 88 percent of people do not keep their good intentions.

W for water: many mexicans tip a glass of water out of the tur. This should wash away old tears and worries.

X for xenophobia: many people’s xenophobia has intensified in the wake of new year’s eve 2015/16, when women were sexually assaulted in colonia and elsewhere.

Y for Y-chromosome: with the male chromosome, life is more dangerous at the turn of the year, as the austrian curatorium for traffic safety found out: 97 percent of the people who injured themselves with fireworks were of the male gender.

Z for gambling: greeks become gamblers on new year’s eve. Many families play cards and other games of chance before the turn of the year. Whoever wins should be lucky all year round.