Medium-sized center: weismain is to remain a town of drabs

Medium-sized center: weismain is to remain a town of drabs

Burgkunstadt rejects the inclusion of weismain in a joint middle level center. In the closed session of the city council meeting last tuesday, mayor heinz petterich (G) proposed integrating weismain. "I have nothing against it if weismain is involved", says petterich. In order for each city councilor to be able to discuss the matter freely, they had decided to keep the agenda item private.

Only freely in secret

Critical voices criticized this, because from their point of view there was no reason for secrecy. Altenkunstadt, they argued, had discussed the same point in public and finally agreed to it. "We wanted to exchange information about various things and, of course, to talk about people", stop petterich against.

Although his motion was defeated by a vote of ten to ten, he was always going to be back for a discussion in secret. "This is the only way to really talk about everything – and it's important to me that people here can speak broadly and freely." City councillor hans-peter marx (SPD), on the other hand, would prefer to make a request for public discussion next time: "we have simply missed the point."

In the struggle for approval or rejection, the opinions ran through all the parliamentary groups. The dowry was also discussed: what does weismain bring in terms of public amenities or purchasing power?? Are the six kilometers to weismain's marketplace still close enough to be called a single "center"? Can speak?

Decision lies with the ministry of economics in munich

In bavaria, there are only rarely medium-sized centers consisting of three municipalities, such as obernburg, elsenfeld and erlenbach in the district of miltenberg.

The background to this is a request from the city of weismain that altenkunstadt and burgkunstadt support weismain's inclusion in the existing middle center made up of the two art cities. The levels like "mittelzentrum are anchored in the state development program (LEP). After a reduction from seven to only three levels, weismain has slipped into the lowest category, the so-called "basic center" – and would now like to stand together with altenkunstadt and burgkunstadt on the middle level.

The decision is made by the ministry of economics in munich. There, at the end of september, mayors heinz petterich, udo dauer (CSU) and robert hummer (CSU) visited the responsible state secretary katja hessel. The question is primarily, says petterich, what weismain has to contribute. In plain language, this means that the ministry decides – and can also ignore the opinions of altenkunstadt and burgkunstadt.

Decision before christmas

The ministry now has a "for" and a "against" each. "Overall.", says press spokeswoman cordula hartl "more than 1200 comments have been received for the regional development program." The ministry's timetable is for the council of ministers to receive, discuss and approve the revision before christmas. The ministry says: "the joint center of burgkunstadt/altenkunstadt already takes over the task of providing the population with the central local facilities. Not far from this central dual location, the (new) upper center of kulmbach performs other central local supply functions." This does not sound good for weismain.

Regardless of how the decision actually turns out, petterich believes that its significance is comparatively small. "There is not more or less demand money if you are a middle center. The municipalities of a medium-sized center are allowed, for example, to designate larger areas for consumer markets, but we already have enough of that."