Motivated jacob pilgrims from munsterschwarzach almost at their destination

It was the last leg before the rough destination in santiago de compostela that the jacob pilgrims from munsterschwarzach walked this year: they have hiked about 250 kilometers. Now only 180 kilometers separate them from the famous cathedral to embrace the figure of st. James according to the old pilgrimage tradition.

A school breaks open

The trained pilgrims, who have meanwhile come to the 12. The first time he set out on the way of st. James, he covered a total of more than 2500 kilometers. In 2020, the group that set out in 2008 under the motto "a school sets out", wants to arrive in santiago. Eleven years ago, the pilgrimage started with 100 enthusiastic parents, students and teachers from egbert-gymnasium.

Also this year abbot michael reepen OSB did not miss the opportunity to give the pilgrims the pilgrim’s blessing at the departure on pentecost saturday. In sometimes cold but ideal weather, the pilgrims crossed the thinly populated expanse of the meseta at an altitude of 900 meters.

Admirable idealism

The pilgrims were kept in good spirits in many ways, be it by talking to each other or by the common devotions. They enthusiastically sang the song "hevenu shalom alechem" with two israeli women and marveled at the admirable idealism of a group of six italians who pulled and pushed a spastic paralyzed woman over stony paths on a homemade unicycle. At monte irago, at 1500 meters above sea level, the pilgrims reached the highest point of the way of st. James – the cruz de ferro, a cross where all the pilgrims placed stones.

The descent from the high was rocky and took the group via astorga, with its grand gothic cathedral, to ponferrada, with the templar castle visible from afar, to villafranca. With many impressions the group finally returned to munsterschwarzach. Already today they emphasize: "all are looking forward to the last common stage to santiago next year".