“Muslim fashion” show in frankfurt comes to an end

The show was controversial, but a great success for the museum: the exhibition "muslim fashion" at the frankfurt museum of applied arts comes to an end. The museum estimates that by then around 100.000 visits are paid.

The reactions have been "largely and predominantly positive," said the museum’s director, matthias wagner K. The german press agency. "The visitors didn’t understand the excitement beforehand. You have understood that the headscarf is not the subject of this exhibition."A gratifyingly large number of muslim families had found their way to the museum – "that was great".

Frankfurt had taken over the show about the expressions of muslim fashion all over the world from san francisco. Conceived by the former frankfurt museum director max hollein. Unlike in the USA, there had already been fierce criticism in germany in the run-up to the film. Some of the accusations were that those responsible had turned themselves into "useful idiots of political islam" and were "stooges of women’s oppression.

The museum received hate mail, including death threats. On the advice of the authorities, security gates were installed – with body searches and bag checks. "It was a burden for the house," admits wagner K. To. After about two weeks, the controls have been withdrawn.

Threats continued to be received at first, but in the meantime the situation has calmed down. Wagner K. This is due to the many events held on the subject. "They brought together the different poles."Socially, the exhibition was a great success: "it triggered an important discussion and showed what a museum can do in the 21st century. Century can and must afford."