Neustadt “music friends” rehearse for their open-air concert in the outdoor pool


Sometimes ludwig van beethoven is only a few minutes away from paul lincke – a few minutes of rehearsal, as was the case this evening in the neustadt cultural center at schutzenplatz. The orchestra of the "musikfreunde neustadt rehearses lincke, beethoven, rossini and chopin for his open-air concert on 7. July in the open air. On the stage at the start: lincke's "gluhwurmchen-idyll – in an ingenious adaptation by hans stahli, who succeeded rolf otto as the orchestra's new chief conductor in april.

And while rolf otto, the "music lover-orchestra since 1996, has returned to the cello desk, hans stahli proves to be a prudent guide at all times through the rhythmic chugs of the score. Stahli weib, where the dangers lurk, where it's difficult, where wrong tones were particularly conspicuous, but also where particularly beautiful passages can be played out effectively. "The passage sounds open – and if it's played well, there's a lot of applause", stahli fires up the bassoon.

"Congratulatory menu"
Stahli has worked with professional orchestras for three and a half decades, many of them at the coburg landestheater. The neustadt "friends of music" orchestra he already knows as a guest of two jointly arranged concerts. With precise creative ideas, he challenges the orchestra again and again, making it clear how he would like certain passages to be played. And he explains in a few words what has to be done to get the desired sound.

Then he sings a particularly difficult rhythmic motif, corrects the intonation of the horns a little, makes sure that the violins and violas really play together in time. After paul lincke follows in powerful contrast ludwig van beethoven with his "congratulatory menuet.

Colorful program
"Classic& picnic" promises the poster for the open-air concert. The fourth edition of this open-air event offers a deliberately colorful program – from paul lincke's "gluhwurmchen-idyll to george gershwin's "promenade, from rossini's "march for the sultan abdul medjid" to the latin american hit "la cucaracha, from the "pizzicato-polka" of the waltz conig up to leroy andersons "syncopated clock".

To this comes beethoven's popular romance in G major for violin and orchestra. The soloist will be a violinist from the ranks of "musikfreunde-orchestra: frithjof greiner. Between george gershwin and julius fucik there is also room for some vocal contributions.

This is how the soprano will perform the "spring voice waltz" singing johann straub's vocalise as well as the vocalise in ennio morricone's film music hit "spiel mir das lied vom tod".

This evening, the "music friends" are rehearsing the "minute waltz" arranged for soprano and orchestra frederic chopin's still without vocal support – as well as beethoven's rarely heard concert aria "soll ein schuh nicht drucken" (should a shoe not print). After a total of 13 rehearsals, the "music lovers"-orchestra well prepared. Only the hope for suitable weather remains.