Nordhalben first rough appearance

Nordhalben first rough appearance

Three months from now. On 27. September brings director michael "bully herbig after numerous comedies and satires such as "the shoe of manitu with "balloon his first thriller in german cinemas – and with him nordhalben.
The kloppelgemeinde was one of only four filming locations last october, along with munich, berlin and modlareuth, and plays a central role in the film as a backdrop for the thuringian town of pobneck. In 1979, the strelzyk and wetzel families assembled a balloon in which they made a spectacular escape from the former GDR. What the film team shot in nordhalben in the almost three weeks can be seen since thursday in the first official trainer of the film. Because in the two and a half minutes cut together, which are supposed to make people look forward to the start of the movie, several corners were allowed to look familiar to the residents – even if trabbis and wartburgs roll over the streets and the facades of the houses show clear signs of age. In order for the film to be as realistic as possible, set builders and scenographers were on the move in several corners of the market.

Popular motif

The garden vine appears in the trailer particularly often. Not only was an extra garage built, but two house facades were completely redesigned as well. From the bird's eye view you can also see the former bakery in the curve next to the town hall. But in the film it has become a pharmacy. The premiere can come.

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