North korea ready for new nuclear talks with u.s

north korea ready for new nuclear talks with u.s

North korea agrees to renewed talks with the USA on the dismantling of its nuclear weapons program, subject to conditions.

North korea’s deputy eaves minister choe son hui made clear in a statement that her government continued to expect new proposals from washington that would satisfy pjongjang. Should the U.S. Side again "play around with the worn-out scenario," it could mean the end of relations, choe was quoted as saying by state media. U.S. President donald trump called the message from pjongjang "interesting" but initially left open whether a meeting could take place soon.

According to choe’s offer, working talks could take place late this month. Your country is ready to talk about all the problems the two sides have discussed so far, it said. The two countries were still able to agree on a time and place. Your government had given the u.S. Enough time to work out new proposals.

Trump said he had just heard from the north korean government’s embassy. "We will see what happens." He did not directly address the question of whether the u.S. Wanted an early meeting. But he said in general, "meeting is a good thing, not a bad thing." He also stressed he had a very good relationship with north korea’s strongman kim jong un.

The two had agreed to working-level negotiations at a brief meeting on the inter-korean border in late june. But the talks have not yet materialized.

In february, a summit meeting between kim and trump in vietnam failed. The two could not agree on the key issue of nuclear disarmament by the communist leadership in pjongjang and on U.S. Countermeasures.

Still on sunday, u.S. Secretary of state mike pompeo stressed in an interview on the american broadcaster ABC that his government hoped to be back at the negotiating table with the north koreans "in the coming days or perhaps weeks.

Choe was now alluding to the conditions set by kim jong un a few weeks after the failed summit in february. Kim had set a deadline for the U.S. To make a "bold decision" by the end of this year. The U.S. Had to submit a new calculation. Pyongyang accuses washington of trying to unilaterally enforce its demands for disarmament.

North korea suffers tough sanctions from united nations and U.S. However, the U.S. Government wants to maintain the sanctions as long as the risk associated with the north korean nuclear program has not been averted. Most recently, north korea had also again tested a number of missiles, including short-range ballistic missiles. The occasion was joint U.S. Military maneuvers with sud korea.