Not a single drop dripped on the bike tour to villach

The weather for the eight-day bicycle tour from bamberg to villach was almost sensational: the rain jackets stayed in the saddlebags because not a single drop fell from the sky. But there was plenty of dust and sweltering heat, which made the mountain stages particularly torturous. At the end of all the mooing was the triumphant reception in the twin city to which bamberg had belonged in the 40th year. Year cultivates good relationships.

Villach also celebrated from 28. July to 4. August his 70. Kirchtag – pure high spirits thus with the partner in karnten. The cyclists from the world cultural heritage came just in time. They were buried with a "cool blonde" when they arrived last friday afternoon from local production, before it, accompanied by the song "jo, wia san mim rodl do", onward to the town hall stage. Here, the bamberg cyclists received their first applause, which was highly praiseworthy in view of the temperatures, which punished movement.

Debut after mab
Cyclist wolfgang schauer was then allowed to have a french missionary effect by reciting "what only a frenchman can do" to the sounds of the guitar, so the title of his song. A debut to mab for the brave cyclists. But it got even better: during the procession through villach on the following saturday, the group in the striking red cyclist shirts, which positioned itself right behind the bamberger gartners, was eagerly applauded. The question of many spectators, whether E-bikes had been used, could be answered with a clear no.

However, before the laurels could be reaped, a good portion of sweat had to be absorbed. From the start of the 30 participants – among them lord mayor andreas starke and wolfgang mohrlein, mayor of litzendorf – on the morning of friday, 26. July, on the maxplatz, the temperatures climbed unstoppably. Not infrequently, the drifting of the group on the way to suden, while riding on gravel roads enveloped in dust clouds, was acknowledged with head shaking.

Crash on gravel road
But the heat was not the only source of danger. The cycling in such a rough group demanded the highest attention. It happened on a gravel road in a forest stucco outside salzburg: three cyclists fell, one female cyclist crashed so badly that she had to abandon the tour of the festival city.

Apart from this drop of work, the mood among the cyclists remained high despite the exertions. This was not least thanks to the cyclists themselves: they worked collectively with the goal of reaching villach in good shape. In addition there was the top organization of bertram weibhaar, soren wolm and michael meyer.
Bertram weibhaar had meticulously prepared the tour and set off from landshut. Supported by the navigation system, he guided the 29 behind him safely through the nurnberg conurbation, for example. Wolm steered the escort vehicle with pack and refreshments, all 25 kilometers eagerly awaited. Meyer stayed at the back of the group, helped with pushing when the hill got tough and repaired flat tires or damaged bearings in a matter of minutes. Gerhard beck route regnitz cycle path, funf-flusse cycle path, nurnberg-rothsee-altmuhltal cycle path, altmuhltal cycle path, danube cycle path, kelheim-abensberg cycle path, laber-abens cycle path, isar-laber cycle path, isar cycle path, isar-vils cycle path, vils-rott cycle path, schweppermann-tour, isental cycle path, tauern cycle path, alpe-adria cycle path.

Pioneers the "tour for burgers was fully booked in just a few days after it was announced in november 2012. The villach cyclists were pioneers five years ago, but they took a different route.