On the tracks of luther through eisenach

The local hosts are already "lutherfinders", the guests want to be: in mid april, participants in the training course of the same name, which is run by the evangelical adult education program in thuringia and supported by the rodachtal initiative, set off from ahorn on their way to eisenach and wartburg castle. Their goal: to learn even more about the reformer at these two of his former homes.
As is well known, martin luther translated the new testament at wartburg castle in 1522. A good 20 years earlier, from 1498 to 1501, he attended latin school in eisenach and lived in the house of the patrician cotta family while there.
Their home, which is now known as "lutherhaus a museum is, formed one of the stations of the extensive city tour. However, it started at the luther monument, where guest driver ina conrad buried the group. She led her budding colleagues as well as tourism experts from the coburg and heldburg region first to the memorial and museum for johann sebastian bach. Bach set to music 30 of 37 songs of luther. "No luther, no brook, heibt es. Other stops included the georgenkirche, the lutherhaus and of course the wartburg castle. This excursion was the high point in the extensive training of the "lutherfinders" so far, all participants agreed on this when they started their way home in the early evening, somewhat exhausted but highly satisfied.