Racism debate: knorr renames its “gypsy sauce

racism debate: knorr renames its

Against the backdrop of the discussion about racist names and terms, the knorr brand's "gypsy sauce" is renamed. "In a few weeks you will find this as "paprika sauce hungarian style" on the shelf," the parent company unilever told "bild am sonntag" at the request of the newspaper. "Since the term "gypsy sauce" was used can be interpreted negatively, we have decided to give our knorr sauce a new name."

The term "gypsy" is an old collective term for various ethnic groups that probably spread from india, especially through southeastern europe. The central council of the sinti and roma ethnic groups living in germany calls the term "a foreign designation of the majority society overlaid with cliches, which is rejected by most members of the minority as discriminatory". The term is also perceived in this way in public usage.

"Gypsy sauce": term has been used for over 100 years

The term "gypsy sauce" has been used in cakes for more than 100 years. In the reference book for the classic cuisine of escoffier it can be found already in 1903. It refers to a spicy, rooty sauce with stubby ingredients and is nowadays usually made from tomatoes, often with paprika, onions, vinegar and spices. Traditionally, consumers associate the sauce with hungarian and spicy flavors. According to sinti and roma, the sauce does not originate from their kuche.

The central council of german sinti and roma buried the decision. "It"s good that knorr is responding here to the complaints of obviously many people," chairman romani rose told the newspaper. He himself, however, was more concerned about the growing antiziganism in germany and europe. "Against this background, gypsy schnitzel and gypsy sauce are not of the utmost urgency for the central council."It is much more important to evaluate terms such as "gypsy" in context, "for example, when "gypsies" are seen in soccer stadiums or "jew" chanting with openly insulting intent".

The debate about the product name "gypsy sauce" has been going on for years. In 2013, knorr had still rejected a renaming. At the time, the central council also warned against a dogmatic use of language and refused to replace "gypsy" with "sinti and roma," for example, when naming the sauce. The general debate about discriminatory terms has become more heated again in recent months in the wake of the racism debate following the death of black u.S. Citizen george floyd.

In the upper franconian town of coburg, however, the moor in the town coat of arms has been causing trouble for some time now. In a petition, two women are calling on the mayor of coburg to get rid of the emblem.