Rewe moves to stadtsteinach

The project is being planned by the company trio bau from dortmund. The background to this is the fact that the current store no longer meets the requirements of the company's current retail concept and is too small for the normal stock of a full-range retailer. This was explained by jens struck, trio's construction manager, at the city council meeting on monday evening.

1500 square meters of sales area
Directly above the current location at the kronacher strabe the new market with a sales area of 1500 square meters with bakery and butchery is to be built. A seven-figure sum is invested.

A meeting has already been held with the district office of kulmbach for the construction project. The responsible advisors from the district office and the state building authority in bayreuth explained that the project was basically possible, but that certain conditions had to be met. As part of the urban land use plan process, other authorities such as the government of upper franconia, nature conservation, immission control and water law are involved.

"Rewe has a strong economic position and is very interested in retaining the stadtsteinach site. The market is also very important for the supply of our citizens. It must therefore be our concern that rewe remains in stadtsteinach", said mayor roland wolfrum (SPD).

Customer demands have risen
The current market is getting on in years, customer demands have increased. For the construction of the new store, the city requires a change and extension of the development plan "north-west" as well as the change of the land use plan is necessary, since the land is still largely in the area of the auburn. Wolfrum also noted that all planning and development costs are to be borne by the developer, i.E. Trio bau, and that a separate construction planning contract will be concluded for this purpose.

"Rewe wants to stay here in the long term and ensure supply. The existing crest on the new land will be partially removed and placed on the lower-lying land.", jens struck explained.

Integrating the old market
The city councillors wolfgang martin (SPD/OL) and winfried baumgartner () complained that once again a rough flat was sealed and that they would prefer if the existing market was integrated as well. Also, the opinion of the citizens of stadtsteinach should first be explored as to what they think of the project.

"This is a different owner, and the rewe lease expires in 2015. I can also not promise you that a follow-up use will come or what it will look like. Trio bau gmbh is currently discussing a common access road, which would also flatten the slope up to the new market", said jens struck.

He also confirmed, in response to a further question from baumgartner, that the existing greenery at the upper edge of the future market site and above the shingle creek will be retained. "We are glad that rewe will stay here. Do we want the rewe market or not!?" Said franz thierauf () and thus ended the discussion.

With wolfgang martin and winfried baumgartner voting against, the city council of stadtsteinach decided to extend the development plan to include the special retail area and to make the necessary changes to the land use plan.

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