Robinwright is “completely at home” in nature

Robinwright is

U.S. Actress robin wright (55, "house of cards") relies on digital devices to be happy. "We shouldn't spend all day with our computers and phones, but rather experience nature," she told the funke media group.

She has healing powers that she is "downright addicted" to. In her childhood she had often been camping with her parents, that praises her until today. "When i've spent too much time in the city, i have to go back to the woods or the beach. I feel my soul again and am completely at peace with myself."

Wright now working as director ? On 5. August your drama "apart from life" comes to the cinemas. It is about a lawyer who retreats into the wilderness after a painful loss.

No longer working only in front of the camera, the texan native likes it. "As an actress you are just a marionette. They give you instructions, direct you around."She still can't give up acting altogether: "no, because it's also an important valve for me. I could not survive without her."In "offside of life" wright also plays the leading role.