School year begins: police want to raise awareness among parents

School year begins: police want to raise awareness among parents

On tuesday, 12.September is the start of the new school year and many parents bring their children to school by car. The seat belt and child restraint requirements are particularly important here. In the first week of school, therefore, nationwide action days will be held to monitor the obligation to wear seat belts and child restraints.

In 2016, one in five people killed in accidents was not wearing a seat belt

The number of unsecured car passengers in traffic accidents in bavaria shows the necessity of this action: in 2016, almost one in five people involved in a car accident was not wearing a seat belt. Last year, a total of 306 car occupants lost their lives in bavaria. Of these, 60 people were not wearing a safety belt. In addition, two children were killed in 2016 who were not wearing their seat belts properly.

21 unbelted fatalities on the roads again in 2017 through may. In central franconia, 18 people not wearing seat belts were seriously injured and five killed by june 2017.

Preschoolers learn about driving to school in stockheim
for this reason, the police in central franconia have instructed all police stations to carry out special checks in front of schools, kindergartens and on school routes during the first week of school. This control action takes place within the framework of the traditional school route monitoring at the beginning of the school year.