Sebastian stastny gives ebern’s csu a pass

Sebastian stastny gives ebern's csu a pass

After 18 years, there will be a change in the mayor's seat in 2014. But at the CSU in ebern, the search for a successor for robert herrmann (63) is still completely open. "A heiben kandidat" there is no such thing. This is what local chairwoman gabriele rogner freely confesses.

The second burgermeister refuels between the years for a few days at the north sea. After own avowal it wants to breathe again, before "the heibe phase of the election preparations begins.

By february/march, as she told the FT on the phone, rogner wants to have clarified the question of the candidate, even before the annual meeting of the local association, at which the new election is also on the agenda. She assumes that she will remain CSU chairwoman in order to lead the local association into the municipal election campaign.

She'd rather just be a deputy
On the other hand, she does not aspire to the office of mayor, which she had already announced at a board meeting. The industrial manager prefers the role of second mayor, in which "one is relatively at the forefront without being absolutely at the top. A clear statement, even if with an undercurrent: "if everything else should come to nothing" says the 50 year old "we had to discuss it again"." The probe attempts of the local CSU failed so far, why rogner wants to call the members by circular letter to help with the candidate search: "we must manufacture unity in the CSU, otherwise one fights against windmills anyway".

Sebastian stastny (junge liste) cannot share the CSU chairwoman's serenity. The third mayor and youth representative of the city council has now established facts. The 28-year-old does not want to run for office, as he tells the FT. With this, an ambitious union politician, in whom especially many in the younger generation had placed their hopes, is leaving the party. The district chairman of the young union had stood for a generation change.

Young people in office
The CSU-chiemgau recently even nominated a 28-year-old as a candidate for the district council, and bad rodach and schonungen are examples where twenty-somethings became heads of the town hall in 2012.
"I'm not doing it", in an interview with this newspaper, stastny clearly states: "if you want to hold such a high office, you have to be able to rely on 100 percent support, and i don't feel i have that support, especially not in the inner circle of the CSU leadership." He pays the mayor, his deputy and the CSU faction leader franz geub to do this.

The CSU local association, unlike the district association, failed to initiate the generation change in good time, judges stastny. At the district level, newcomer steffen vogel is proving to be "an absolute stroke of luck for the CSU. In the politics of the CSU in ebern, on the other hand, district councilor stastny misses the unity and cooperation that would be necessary for a prosperous working relationship for the good of ebern. Under the given circumstances, he is not available as a candidate, stastny reiterated, and he will not get involved in an egg dance. "I do not do it. Point!", he also rules out backing down from this decision, which he made over christmas: "this is a question of credibility". Says it and is aware that he will thereby disappoint many a eberner.

Goodwill among the people
Many people, including members of the CSU, have asked him in recent weeks and months whether he would like to run for office. "This is naturally flattering. If people think you can do it, that's a great compliment for such a young guy", stastny confesses, and sees himself confirmed in his policy with the young list by a great deal of positive encouragement. The CSU has taken up the cause of family-friendliness in the city, has pushed the demographic debate and, for example, has launched the funeral receptions for neuburg residents and the volunteer passport.

For this, stastny has never really experienced support from the CSU leadership in his own opinion. "In some things the ideas are completely different".

He loves politics, says the high school teacher, who has been involved in politics since he was 16. He has been involved in the union's junior staff since the age of 18, and he wants to continue to be a strong supporter of the young list, even if he is no longer running for the leadership of the JU in the district for professional reasons. Stastny describes himself as a "CSU member by conviction". But he is not the kind of person who would force himself to take office. "If the CSU thought I was a good candidate, they should have said so a long time ago", he draws a line under a debate that has not yet officially begun: "i don't want a game of chicken."

Rogner regrets
Gabriele rogner says she regrets that stastny has already said no. She herself, who has been in politics for 30 years, misses the staying power, the staying power. Rogner literally: "in politics, you have to be patient and drill thick boards". She makes a point of continuing to work with the young list.

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