Sink discontent in hallerndorf: everyone benefited from the town council’s buckling

sink discontent in hallerndorf: everyone benefited from the town council's buckling

Those who want to make hallerndorf fit for the future should equip classrooms with washbasins. It now takes the courage of several municipal councils to change their minds and reverse the decision.

The whole story: how parents and teachers fight for school sinks

If the board reverses the decision and hallerndorf takes the 80,000 euros in hand instead, that’s a huge win for everyone. Not only for the clean actions of the teachers and teachers. The arguments from everyday classroom life are convincing. Despite digital boards, children must also learn in the future: it’s okay to tackle or get dirty, if they don’t forget to wash their hands.

Clearly: a school renovation is not a wish-fulfillment concert, not even for the good of the children. With rising costs and sums in the millions, it’s good to keep an eye on avoidable expenses.

However, an acknowledgement that the money spent on sinks is well spent would be a strong investment in the community and future of hallerndorf. The children could hardly learn a better lesson about how civic involvement can pay off in hallerndorf. But hopefully in a few years, when the little ones turn on the tap in their classroom. That would be a neat thing to do.