Steam engine fascinates museum visitors

Steam engine fascinates museum visitors

Toys from private lenders from bamberg and the surrounding area can currently be discovered in the bamberg historical museum. The christmas exhibition play.Stuff.Bamberg" among teddy bears, dollhouses and a rocking horse, loewe displays treasures that evoke memories of carefree childhood for many visitors.
One of the highlights is certainly the still working steam engine of friedrich maierhofer. It is doubtful whether it still arouses awe in the younger visitors today. The steam engine is more popular with the "older" generation exhibition visitors.

Connection to childhood

Friedrich maierhofer makes available for the exhibition this steam engine, which his father friedrich maierhofer (b. 1920) around 1930. For him, this object is closely connected with his childhood and probably decisively influenced his desire to become a mechanic. The steam engine is for him "industry 1.0" – the first automatic drive system".
The very well preserved stucco stood on the family’s rough living room table and all family members were present when it was needed to run.
As part of the program accompanying the special exhibition, maierhofer explained to the visitors how the children’s steam engine worked: spirit is heated, this produces steam, which drives the turbines.

The presentation attracted many interested observers, including marlen bonke, the museum’s scientific volunteer who is responsible for the exhibition. She was very satisfied with the response of the visitors and if necessary the demonstration will be repeated.

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