The 60th anniversary weeks ended with six expert lectures

The 60th Anniversary Weeks ended with six expert lectures

After four weeks and around 150 events, the 60+ campaign weeks came to an end with the closing event in the meeting room of the district administration office in kitzingen. District administrator tamara bischof draws a positive balance at the closing event. There are currently 938 seniors over 90 years of age living in the district, she noted. At the 50. Senior citizens’ afternoon in 2020, even 100-year-old guests may be expected.

The main theme of the campaign weeks "provision for old age – perfectly organized" picked up on a theme that attracted a lot of interest. On "grandchildren’s tricks and rip-offs for seniors markus bursch from the criminal investigation department in wurzburg, germany, said. Thieves want to get money as unobtrusively as possible with a trick, bursch explains. That is why they seek physical closeness. It is therefore important to keep pocket and jacket closures closed and to carry money and cash cards close to the body," says heinz schmidt. As for visitors to the boulevard, he urged caution. A willingness to help and compassion for fundraisers and craftsmen should not lead to letting strangers into one’s home.

Preparing for life as a pensioner

Debtor and insolvency counselor elisabeth schmitt from the district office warned that many new retirees are not sufficiently prepared for changed life circumstances such as the start of retirement, loss of income or the loss of a partner. As a result, one in ten people will no longer be able to meet their payment obligations in old age, as pensions and unemployment benefits will be significantly lower than their previous income. Schmitt advised to recognize supply shortages in time and also to keep a budget book. Loans should also be paid off before the start of retirement.

Margarita mader-schmidt from the BRK spoke about home emergency calls, emergency boxes and outpatient help services. For single seniors, the home emergency call with hand-held transmitter could be considered, which, in combination with a burglar-proof key safe, would also allow access to the apartment. A rescue box informs helpers in case of emergency with the most important data.

Insurance broker oliver rauber recommended that seniors distinguish between important and less important existing insurances. When taking out nursing and health insurance, compare offers carefully, he says, as they could also draw high consequential premiums. In the case of construction insurance, attention should also be paid to sufficient damage coverage.

Seniors are safe drivers

Although road users are getting older, they do not cause more accidents than others, as alfons saugel from the traffic police attested. The driving training offered for seniors in their own vehicles showed that all participants were safe on four wheels and were able to control their vehicles.

In 1970, there were about 200 people in the county over the age of 90. Care manager ute doblinger from the district administration described the care system as very complex. The district office is therefore planning to set up a coordinating care support point for the district in order to be able to provide advice on care issues from a single source. There are too many important issues between outpatient services and service providers that are difficult to understand, especially when care is needed suddenly.

The independent and neutral care council – initially still without a supporting point – begins on 1. November with her work, district administrator bischof said in her closing remarks. The 15. The first edition of the 60+ action weeks will be held next year from 18 to 18 september. September to 19. October. The main topic is "understanding dementia – confronting dementia".