The last time went to the substance

For 15 years andre heller was responsible as head coach for the latin formations in TV ketschendorf – until may 2019. Almost unnoticed heller has given up his post. This has professional, but also private reasons, as he explained in an interview with our newspaper. Nevertheless, this step comes at the right time for him and he sees a good chance that it will continue with the TVK-latinformation.

Tageblatt: their departure went almost unnoticed. Was this a spontaneous decision to quit, or have you been thinking about it for a long time??

Andre heller: after my 40th birthday. It was relatively clear on the occasion of the company's 70th birthday. I've been doing this for 15 years now and for me it was always the question the last few years. You wanted to stop at the time when everything was still going on and not stand in front of a pile of broken pieces. But I have always said that as long as I still have motivation, as long as I have a goal in mind, and as long as I have fun, I will continue to do it.

Such a head coach position also costs a lot of energy.

Yes, we have now had three seasons that went to the substance, with two narrowly missed promotions and last year again and again a rough jerk step. In the end, it turned into a curiosity that we were almost promoted after all. We were still on the relegation and were in the preliminary round actually still quite in front. The final was then a bit of a chain of unfortunate circumstances. With one score difference we are not promoted.

I am sure that your profession also played a role?

I have a full-time job and have also made a change in the last year. There I wanted and want to put my energy purely.

Can you estimate how much time you spent on your work as a head coach??

Hard to say. In the season from the beginning of the year until the end of march the weekend from saturday to sunday was always completely wasted. Either you had tournament or training. During the week, there was still time for planning and arrangements in addition. And I have always completely taken care of the clothes, coordinated with the tailors, agreed on appointments. I was also involved in the organization of the coburg tournament, which took quite a bit of time, an additional 20 hours a week. In addition, the preparation, where we were also with some training camps on the road. And six weeks a year, after the season, where you have not dealt with it, that was in the long run a bit too little.

That's probably why my private life also falls by the wayside?

Yes, but for me it was always a private compensation. I enjoyed the training. Of course, somewhere family commitments fall by the wayside, but I was lucky. My family has always been behind me, because they have seen that it takes a lot of time, but that something comes out of it and that I am doing well.

How has your decision been received by the club??

I personally have no idea how it was received in the main club, or how it was communicated there. I only had contact with robert autsch, the head of the department. For him the decision did not come suddenly, because he is my closest friend and one of the most important people for me.

We talked from time to time about the time after "our resignation" – for him as a formation dancer, for me as a formation coach. I also thank him for the 15 years, because he is the only one who accompanied me the whole time as a dancer. This is very rare in formation sports and for us it developed into a deep bond. After my resignation is now the next generation on the flat and that must now be organized in the department.

Did you leave TVK completely or just give up the head coach position??

We have not parted in the dispute, quite the opposite. I also support the new coach of the A-team, michael siebers. I'll try to pass on advice and experience to him if he gets involved. I took myself out of the active training. I always had a group with single couples on wednesdays, but I stopped it in autumn, because I had to change my job. I took a lot of responsibility. I do not exclude the possibility of reviving the individual group this year or next year.

The start of the new season has not gone quite optimally with the formation dancers.

Yes, but that was to be expected. From last year's A-team I think there are still three dancers in it. The team now starts in the regional league. It would have been more pleasant if they had been able to start in the national league. I'm sure they were successful.

How is the recruitment of new dancers progressing??

I am no longer involved. I am still organizing the home tournament on 14. Marz is there and I know there are new trainings coming up again, including trial trainings. It would be a pity if it did not go on any longer. The advantages in coburg and at the association are that you are not stuck in such a tight corset. You have freedom and you can also build it up yourself. This is a big advantage. We also have very good management in the background. I'm curious to see what happens next.