The nurnbergers get the sube from grobenseebach

the nurnbergers get the sube from grobenseebach

This year, too, irmgard krammer from grobenseebach offers her products in the vicinity of the sebaldus church, somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of the nurnberger christkindlesmarkt. In the meantime, she already has a regular clientele that not only comes to shop, but also places orders.

Their booth with the original regional logo, like others, is nestled against the choir of the sebaldus church in nurnberg. She shares the booth in a special purpose community with a noble distillery. Krammer gave the store the name: irmis marmeladen. She runs the stand together with the support of her family. The presence in the stand is distributed over several shoulders. The boss receives the support of her two sons.

It is the whole advent season starting point for "sube" clientele. She appreciates the opportunity to be represented at the nurnberger christkindlesmarkt under the original regional logo. The acceptance of the clientele is rough. "Many people are happy to get products from us that are difficult to buy elsewhere!", she explains. But customers are also happy "to come to a quieter region here after the hustle and bustle of the christkindlesmarkt on the main market". There are regular customers who stock up on their jam variations every year, others place orders and then pick them up at the stand a few days later.

Last year, she offered a new creation, gluhweingelee, and this year she expanded the palette to include chutneys and mustard variations. She also makes the mustard herself, mixing the variations from mustard seeds, fruits and spices. "Not 08/15, but what goes with it."

Especially the past year was rich in fruits of all kinds, she likes to explain. "All wild stuff is processed", she notes. This concerns many fruits from field, forest and meadow such as aronia berry, goji berry, rosehip, elderberry, cornel cherry, medlar, sloe, birdberry and lemon quince. From it are cooked numerous jams. This year’s quince harvest also included several quintals. And the quince can be used in many ways, be it as a liqueur, as jelly or as jam.

During the christkindlesmarkt, in the front part of the booth, there are the tasting glasses with sublime temptations for the customers. In its assortment, it has the classic rosehip fruit spread, for example, but also rather unusual combinations such as orange-tomato fruit spread. "It tastes good", assures krammer. Otherwise, she has her preserved jam creations on offer. The assortment: "three in the dudla" is well received, a gift tower made of three small jam jars of different assortments.

A new addition to the range are jam jars, which are often bought as a gift in a small red santa claus trousers. In addition, there is homemade gluhwein to take away in a cup. This one creates it from "volkacher landsknecht, which is available as red wine and as female wine.