The okodemocrats feel on the upswing

the okodemocrats feel on the upswing

"We are well anchored in local politics in bavaria. I therefore see a good chance of breaking the five percent barrier in the state elections in the fall." A newly formed executive committee with coburg city councilor klaus klumpers at the helm is to contribute to this.
The slightly increasing number of members in recent years was seen by the okodemocrats as proof that the party is on the rise. "Since 2008, we have gained three to five new members every year. Last year, the number of members in upper franconia rose from 160 to 165", martin eichler from heiligenstadt in the district of bamberg, who had handed over the chairmanship to klumpers for professional and private reasons, was delighted. Thomas muller, chairman of the host district association of lichtenfels-kulmbach, also reported an upward trend: "ten years ago, we had 22 members in our area, but today we already have 33." Furthermore, they were pleased that more and more white spots on the odp map are disappearing in upper franconia. "The bayreuth district association has been reestablished, and the one in bamberg is being revived," he says, noted eichler, who will remain with the odp as deputy district chairman. He was particularly pleased that the odp will be represented by a direct candidate in all voting districts in the state elections. The party also wants to take part in the district elections and obtain the necessary support signatures by mid-july. The local elections on 16. March 2014 is firmly in the odp's sights: with thomas and carita muller as well as reinhard englert and erwin schroder, four odp members want to enter the city council in burgkunstadt via the list of a non-partisan electoral grouping.

Unconventional proposals
The small party could score points with some unconventional proposals. To prevent "ruinous competition between the municipalities, as muller put it, the odp wanted to reorganize the payment of trade tax. It should be paid directly to the county and charged to the municipalities via the county levy. "I think it makes more sense for the county to coordinate the settlement of new companies and finance the necessary infrastructure from the business tax revenues than for each municipality to cook its own soup."
The odp also supports a ban on prostitution based on the swedish model. You can't make an honorable profession out of mercantile love, you have to punish the freer, said muller. Family policy, the development of the countryside, the protection of natural resources, and the restoration of trust in the legal system were other issues addressed. What are the ideas of the new chairman? Klumpers wanted to win over young people to work for the odp and show them the connection between a minimum wage set by law and a decent pension: "with a minimum wage of eleven euros an hour, we have to be able to pay a minimum wage of no one has to worry about their age any more."

The election result
The board elections produced the following results: chairman klaus klumpers (coburg), deputies thomas muller (burgkunstadt) and martin eichler (heiligenstadt), treasurer ernst egelkraut (oberkotzau, district of hof), secretary bernd runge (glashutten near bayreuth), treasurer erwin schroder (burgkunstadt) and konrad bachmeyer (trebgast/district of kulmbach).

Roger kuchenreuther (scheblitz), ehrenfried bittermann (stadtsteinach), richard kaiser (bamberg, formerly kirchlein bei burgkunstadt) and angela buchner (neustadt bei coburg) were elected as delegates to the regional committee thomas muller. His deputies are klaus klumpers, bernd runge and ehrenfried bittermann.