The virus sets the pace

The virus sets the pace

Things are going well at the aurachtal youth band. Compared to the previous year, the number of active musicians was increased to 136. Due to, among other things, now three active brass classes. In the statistics can be read: 79 members are under 18 years old, 57 over 18 years old, and in training are 101 children and young people, which seven instructors taught.

In addition to the honors, the new elections of the entire leadership of the association were also on the agenda. However, there were no changes, and the association continues to be led by the female board of directors michaela stumptner, gaby lorenz, and monika heller-schmidt.

At the annual general meeting, lorenz buried the two mayors klaus schumann (uwb) from aurachtal and klaus hacker () from oberreichenbach. One of the current messages was due to the problem coronavirus. It has an effect on the youth band. "There will be no more lessons until the end of the easter vacations", declared lorenz. And the spring concert, which was planned for the first time as a joint concert with the grobenseebach youth band, will probably not take place until summer.

Further cancellations expected

Lorenz explained that the popular asparagus festival could also be affected and that it would lead to a cancellation. "With the planned performance on whit monday at the bergkirchweih, hope dies last", explained lorenz, because the cancelled performances will also have an effect on the cash flow. "As in many areas, we are finding that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find enough children and young people who are enthusiastic about music and who will stick with it long enough to eventually find their place in the larger orchestra", explained lorenz. In his review, the musical director, wolfram heinlein, reported on the activities of the north bavarian music association. Two D1 examinations and one D3 examination were successfully completed. In addition, a mixed ensemble in age group 1 took part in the chamber music competition with very good results.

Christine polloth, leader of the youth band, reported on a busy year. It paid the activities of the summer concert "from elvis to elgar", the group performed in oberreichenbach and gave a benefit concert entitled "kinder musizieren fur kinder" ("children make music for children") on. 450 euro could be brought in at the last nomination for the purchase of instruments for the kindergarten sonnenschein. Polloth described a concert in the monastery church as a high point for the young musicians, where the young musicians were surprised and delighted by the acoustics of the church. In addition, the wim project started in cooperation with the aurachtal elementary school. The focus of this training is on active music making in the class and getting to know the different instruments. This is a free lesson for all schools and takes place once a week. For this, polloth thanked the school administration and in particular the communities of aurachtal and oberreichenbach as well as the cooperative bank and the cultural fund of bavaria, which contribute significantly to the financing of the project. In this context she also thanked the active musicians of the orchestra. Thanks also went to the management of the association. The members of the choir jump in every now and then and sit down in the midst of the youngest when one or the other voice is not occupied.

It is striking that former members keep coming back and are now in the "afterglow" making music. Equally positive was the fact that mothers and children also played in the orchestras. "Four orchestras can sometimes be exhausting, but it’s a lot of fun," says polloth with a smile, polloth said with a smile as she told of the performances, excursions and musical visits.

Thanks for the commitment

Ingrid brendel’s cash report showed that the financial situation was in order. In addition to donations, grants and membership fees, the photovoltaic system on the roof of the rehearsal home also contributed to the financing of the musical training.

The musicians’ and members’ own contributions to the rehearsal home help to keep the costs manageable. This year, for example, the upper floor will be equipped with an emergency exit and escape staircase due to the expansion of another rehearsal room.

The positive reports also pleased mayor klaus schumann, who also thanked the group on behalf of his colleague from oberreichenbach for the performances and concerts and for enriching the cultural life in both communities.