Three new offers: things are moving in the city of kronach

Three new offers: things are moving in the city of kronach

A woman breaks off her old life, moves back to her rural home and meets her childhood sweetheart there. She goes through several moments of fate before she opens a cafe on the waterfront for the happy ending.

The story of melani buchmann is the classic material of a rosamunde pilcher film. The only difference: the scene of the payoff is not some swedish british coastal landscape, but the city center of kronach. And whether there really is a happy ending is not yet certain, at least as far as the story is concerned.

Opening september/october

Because the bistro-cafe carefree, which buchmann wants to found, does not yet exist. Although the store advertisement is already hanging on the property at schwedenstrabe 31, which was last used as a warehouse by the neighboring bicycle store dressel before it moved in. Inside is the including cake rooms and toilets 93 square meters rough flat but still fully under reconstruction. The opening is planned for the end of september/beginning of october.

For melani ("the only one in germany without an e") buchmann, this completes a circle in which a staircase and a traffic jam also played a rough role. For 23 years, the 47-year-old from unterrodach lived in north rhine-westphalia's most coarse city. There she gained more than 30 years of gastronomic experience in hotels and with her own bistro. In 2015, however, it pulled up stakes there and moved to kronach. "Now that I'm old, I like living in the frankenwald", says buchmann.

And then it came, as it comes with rosamunde pilcher just so. One evening, buchmann was in the "alte torwache – weinstuben" coincidentally met her old childhood sweetheart again. He was about to go down the steep stairs when he couldn't believe his eyes. The two are now married.

The second coincidence: when she was in the traffic jam in kronach in the schwedenstrabe, she noticed the sign: "for rent". "Since i had some bad professional experiences behind me and always wanted to be self-reliant, the interest was rough", buchmann remembers. Her husband supports them – and recently it is ready to open. Melani buchmann has struck and is the owner of the future bistro and cafe directly at the hablach.

It should be fresh and french

"There will be french-german cuisine – exclusively with fresh ingredients", buchmann emphasizes. She wants to offer breakfast, lunch with daily specials and coffee. On weekends, the restaurant is also open in the evenings. There will be a cake buffet on sunday afternoon. You can also book a party for up to 40 people.

"I will make 90 percent of everything that goes out myself. It's important to me that everything is fresh,", says buchmann about her concept with regional products. She wants to buy sausage and meat from the hanna butcher's shop in friesen, and cakes from the osterlein bakery in kronach. Frankish breads are on the menu, as are baked potatoes. Roast however not. "For lunch you can have goulash with pasta or minced meatballs with salad", buchmann plans.
The interior should be kept in a shabby-look, with a mixture of heirloom items, flea market purchases and homemade items as well as furniture and objects with traces of use being part of the concept. "There should be corner benches and dark tabletops", buchmann talks about her concept for the barrier-free store.

Hablach garden as an eye-catcher

The new store is to get another eye-catcher in spring 2019, when the garden terrace will be opened. Idyllically situated directly next to the hablach, this could become a real eye-catcher. There will be bar tables and a beach corner with deckchairs. "It will be really rustic with a nice lighting and the splashing hablach", promises buchmann, who wants to be absorbed in the role of hostess. "My husband and i do this because we want to."

New italian snack bar in spitalstrabe – snacks and coffee at the train station

The imbiss selection in kronach's city center will soon be expanded by two new offers.
To the 1. September piero mazzei and his wife open "la qualita" in spitalstrabe. On weekdays there will be pizza sausages, salads and pasta dishes twice a week. In addition, specialties from calabria, the homeland of mazzei, are offered.

Chef and imbiss operator

The 54-year-old, who is best known in kronach as the chef at the "mamma piera" ristorante, is a "must-have" is well known, has lived in germany for 30 years. Now he wants to open the new shop in the property, in which up to 13. July still the "dining room had been, to build up something of her own. From 8.30 to 16 o'clock the snack, in which there are ten seats, should have opened. In the morning hours piero mazzei himself will be on site and prepare everything. Then his wife takes over and he goes to "mamma piera.

"I have time early and my wife and i want a small and cozy place", mazzei reports on his new challenge. "I'm very pleased that we were able to make a quick transition", says heinz schmidt, the owner of the property. "It was important to me that there should continue to be a choice of culinary offerings in the quarter", he says, also with a view to the neighboring branch of the muller bakery and the cafe "riverside" opposite. These properties also belong to schmidt.

The bookstore in the station building will also enter the gastronomy business. From 30. The store, which offers the most extensive selection of press and magazines in the city, will be closed on july. The reason: a conversion.

Snacks for immediate consumption

"We will include immediate consumption in our offer", explains adrienne schmidthals of hamburg-based valora holding, to which the store belongs.

Customers can now purchase bread, lye products, hot dogs and the like. In addition, there will be a coffee module with all coffee specialties. In addition, there are plans to renew the cash desk.

Schmidthals: "on 6. Acceptance by the railroad takes place in august. We will reopen the branch on the same day at 2 pm. We are already looking forward to this and are curious to see how the new products are received by the visitors."

Product range remains

There will be no change in the sales area, and the existing product range will remain unchanged. "We have already taken on additional staff, who are currently being trained and familiarized with the shop, so that they can advise customers competently on all their questions and wishes."