Three sports clubs become one

Three sports clubs become one

What has been true for a long time is now becoming good after all. The merger of the wiesentheider sports clubs DJK, FSG and TSV is to be completed by the summer of this year. This friday, the first meetings of the three clubs will take place, at which the respective clubs must give their approval. The goal is to have only one joint sports club in wiesentheid as early as may or june of this year.

To start with, two-thirds of the members must be present at each of the extraordinary meetings in accordance with the articles of association in order to be able to pass resolutions. That could come both with the TSV (approximately 1200 members), with the DJK (approximately 750 members), and with the FSG (approximately 200 members) probably hardly, so that according to default in four weeks a second date is called up. At the second meeting, the simple majority of the members present was enough.

Basics worked out

The merger ended a chapter that had been debated in the community for years. The topic – a sports club in wiesentheid – was relaunched in 2005 when the soccer departments of the DJK and TSV joined forces to form the FSG (soccer and sports community). This was the beginning of the association. In 2009, the project received new impetus, the three clubs drew up joint bylaws, worked out the economic basis, and discussed the matter with the mabgabenden sports associations.

The articles of association have been notarized, a contract for the merger, as it is officially called, has been drawn up. This contract to the fusion can be seen by the members on request with the respective chairmen josef heining (DJK), harald robner (FSG) and ernst hornig (TSV).

The meeting will start with the extraordinary meetings on friday, 8. March at 6 p.M. At the DJK. In the connection takes place likewise in the DJK sport home starting from 18.30 o’clock the meeting of the FSG takes place, at 19 o’clock the meeting of the TSV is finally scheduled. All members over the age of 16 are invited to attend.