Too many bathers on the main river in marktsteft, too

Too many bathers on the main river in marktsteft, too

The city of marktsteft also has massive problems with recreation seekers along the main riverbank this corona summer. This became clear at the town council meeting on tuesday evening. The residents in the vicinity of the main want to get help quickly, and a meeting of the city council with the residents was already scheduled for wednesday evening.

The sandy beach at the "old drive in marktsteft was considered a secret for a long time, but in the past few years there have been repeated complaints about the surrounding area. This year, however, the situation seems to be escalating. Last weekend, deputy mayor manuela wagner was called to the former sports field because residents had cordoned off the land in the surrounding area with tape – which is not legally permissible, but shows the mood in the village.

Concept to be developed

From complete closure of the land for a day to the installation of more litter bins and the city's toilet van, the suggestions for a quick solution ranged. For the coming year, a concept is to be developed to channel the streams of visitors. For, according to mayor thomas reichert, "it's our town, but not our main."

How can a district heating network for the area of the former gardening factory vogel be designed and operated economically?? Christian schwarz from "eco:net" gave a presentation on the subject in the town council. As reported, in cooperation of the city with jurgen haag, the use of the almost four hectares of rough land is planned. The town's new building yard, business, housing and a senior citizens' home are to be built there.

Companies show interest

In order to make a district heating network profitable, not only the properties planned in the new area should be connected. Some companies in the area have already expressed interest, and the city, with its school, kindergarten and multipurpose hall, is also on the list of interested parties. The heating system here had to be renewed in a short time.

The plant can be operated primarily with wood chips; a gas-fired combined heat and power plant could provide for the medium and peak loads. Operator is to be the warmenetz marktsteft gmbh (jurgen haag). Important for "eco:net the first is to change the land use plan to make it legally possible to build near the state highway. On the other hand the binding commitment of the city to stay with school, kindergarten and multipurpose hall. The decision will be made in the septembersession of the council.

Since march, the city has refrained from renting out the old school in michelfeld and the burgerkeller in the former preparatory school for private parties. In view of the current coronalage, despite some requests, this is extended until the end of september.