Twitter removes chinese propaganda accounts

Twitter removes Chinese propaganda accounts

According to its own figures, twitter has more than 170.000 propaganda accounts allegedly controlled in the interest of the chinese government removed from his platform.

During the action, 23.750 user accounts have been discovered and removed for engaging in high levels of misinformation spreading, the short message service announced on thursday (local time). The accounts were largely recognized early and removed.

In addition, he said, twitter had removed around 150.000 accounts shut down, retweeting and liking messages that allegedly served the agenda of china's government. The content was about the protests in hong kong or the spread of the new coronavirus. Dubious user accounts that twitter attributed to russian and turkish government interests were also removed – but to a much lesser extent.

The spokeswoman of the peking ministry, hua chunying, rejected the accusations in front of journalists. China is itself "the grossest victim of misinformation". Referring to the pandemic, the spokeswoman also questioned whether twitter would also close those accounts "that denigrate china with malicious rumors". "If twitter really wants to do something different, it should actually close those accounts that led organized and coordinated attacks on china and discredit it."

Twitter has long tried to weed out user accounts – especially fake and bot-driven profiles – that spread propaganda, incitement, or spam. Most recently, twitter also clashed with U.S. President donald trump, who uses the platform as an important communication channel. Twitter fact-checked a tweet by trump, drawing his ire. The blocking of an election campaign video then caused further trouble.