Two lowen attack animal keeper – seriously injured

Two lowen attack animal keeper - seriously injured

Two lows attacked and seriously injured an animal keeper at the serengeti park in hodenhagen. However, a police spokesman in walsrode said on saturday that the 24-year-old was not in danger of death.

Earlier, the "bild" newspaper had reported on the incident, which occurred before the opening time of the animal and amusement park. The spokesman explained that the keeper had entered the lowen enclosure, although meat for the animals had already been distributed there earlier. For the visitors there was no danger, the lowen were secured by an extra fence. The 24-year-old was flown to a hospital by rescue helicopter. He was awake and responsive, said the spokeswoman for the serengeti park, asta knoth.

It was initially unclear why the 24-year-old was in the enclosure at the same time as the lowen. It was an experienced employee, the spokeswoman explained. The incident had occurred on saturday morning, when the two castrated male lows were getting their meat in a separate enclosure. The two animals were kept separately from the other lows, i.E. Not on the pigeon enclosure, which they were only allowed to enter after feeding time. According to "bild", the caretaker had wanted to check the fence.

A colleague of the keeper and the park’s animal inspector had witnessed the attack and managed to get the lowen off its victim and the 24-year-old to safety, knoth said. The staff of the zoo had reacted "shocked" and hard hit to the attack of the animals. According to the police, the visitors were unaware of the incident.

Five years ago, a lowe had given visitors to the zoo a good scare: the predatory cat jumped with one leap into the window of a safari bus, which visitors can use to drive through the park, smashed it and got stuck with its front paws for a short time. Directly behind the shattered window sab a family that was slightly injured by glass splinters.