Two new honorary citizens

Two new honorary citizens

The market town council of bad bocklet had a rather unusual meeting. Not only is the "meeting room" the small kursaal was. "The agenda today is very clear: honors!", mayor andreas sandwall introduced the evening. The focus was on two people from the market town who have made a great contribution to the common good. "You practice what many others only talk about: burgersinn and solidarity", praised sandwall. "And above all, they did what they thought was necessary. They have worked to improve the lives of individuals or the quality of life in our community as a whole", according to the mayor.

Highest award

"As you all already know, today the old burgermeister helmut schuck and the bearer of the golden burgermedal georg christoph are appointed honorary burgers of the market bad bocklet", he was pleased. The award of the honorary burger right by the municipal council is the highest honor of the municipality. Both had shown a lot of commitment to the club. "And when we honor people who have achieved something here, we also want their actions to inspire imitation – after all, young people in particular need role models to look up to, as sandwall said.
The highlight of the evening was, of course, the presentation of the honorary burger award. One of the two honored was the bad bockleter georg christoph. "He has earned enormous merit in his many years of volunteer service. This applies both to his many years of local political activity and to his work in local associations and societies", praised sandwall. "There is practically no association in bad bocklet to which he does not belong, in which he has not held or still does not hold a function, said sandwall. "Georg is a personality and a role model in all respects", the mayor praised. "I am proud and grateful to be given this honor today.", georg christoph was visibly touched. "I enjoyed everything, it was a good time for me", he said. He especially mentioned his personal friendship with anton uhl "i owe a lot to him" said mayor sandwall, so christoph. "I could only be active in so many associations because my wife always stood behind me. Thank you once again for this", he said.

Diverse talents

With helmut schuck, another deserving citizen of the market community was honored with the honorary burgess degree. "You are, among other things, the bearer of the cross of merit on the ribbon, the communal medal of merit in silver, the burgermedaille in gold and since 2002 you have held the honorary title of "altburgermeister", announced andreas sandwall. This shows that he has not only rendered outstanding services to the market town of bad bocklet, but that he has also contributed his skills and talents in many voluntary positions, in many associations and organizations. "Today’s honor should give you back, even if only symbolically, something of what you have done for our community", said sandwall .
In addition, he has written many books about the local history, so that historical events do not fall into oblivion. "Helmut schuck is a personality of our market community", said mayor sandwall. "Thank you for your decisive contribution to making the market town of bad bocklet a very special community that attracts many people and from which hardly anyone wants to move away".
"I am very happy to receive this award", said schuck visibly moved. At the same time he thanked the many helpers and supporters from the associations and the population. A big praise went to his wife ingrid: "my wife has supported me in everything, she has always been a good advisor also in the political field", said the honored. ""I am glad that I could participate in the creation of the market of bad bocklet".
Deputy district administrator emil muller congratulated the new honorary citizens, who have played a major role in shaping the community. Of course, the entry in the golden book of the municipality was also not missing. In between, the ensemble of the spa orchestra of bad kissingen thrilled the audience with its pieces.

About the person

Georg christoph was born in bad kissingen in 1940. After finishing high school, he trained as a wholesale merchant and worked at "rhonmilch bad kissingen" until the fall of 2001, when he went into semi-retirement and later retired. It was actually his passion for soccer that brought him to bad bocklet. During this time he also met his luitgard, the couple has two sons today. As soon as he arrived in bad bocklet, georg christoph immediately became actively involved in the association’s work. Among other things, he was the founder of the young union in the village, he was a player-coach and writer for the TSV, co-founder of the baking oven club, co-founder and writer of the 1… Bad bockelt boat club. He has been a member of the parish council since 1970, and was chairman for 20 years. He is a member of the liederkranz and has held all offices in the CSU. Christoph also contributed to the municipal council, where he was active from 1972 to 2002, from 1990 to 1996 he was even 2. Mayor. In 1991 he received the municipal certificate of gratitude for his services and in 2000 the gold medal of the burgomaster. He was also active in various supervisory councils as well as in court as a shoemaker.

Helmut schuck was born in steinach in 1936. After his marriage to his wife ingrid, he took over his parents’ farm and continued to expand it. The couple has two daughters. He attended the elementary school in steinach and managed the merchandise department of the volksbank steinach from 1960 to 1965. He was also a meat inspector. But his true passion was politics. He completed a correspondence course at the bavarian school of administration and loved to train as an administrative clerk. In 1966, he became a councillor of the former market town of steinach, and in 1972, mayor. After the town was incorporated into bad bocklet, schuck was honorary mayor of bad bocklet for a period from 1978 to 1984. From 1984 to 1996 he then held the position of 1. Mayor. From 1984 to 2002, schuck was also a member of the district council. He was also very active in volunteer and club work. He was a member of the local orphans’ council, from 1966 to 2002 local chairman of the farmers’ association, for ten years he was a lector and a member of the parish council, from 1998 to 2003 he was a member of the hospital visiting service for the sick in the parish, in the 1990s he was a member of the advisory board of the "endreb" old people’s home. He was one of the founders of the smoking club, where he was a member of the board of directors. Together with his wife he participated for many years in the "buttenabende". He was a member of the board of F steinach, a jury member at the local court, and much more. Since 2010 he is the chairman of the seniors club.