Verstappen in hamilton’s rearview mirror: qualifying in bahrain

Verstappen in hamilton's rearview mirror: qualifying in bahrain

The italians don’t even have to dream of a third successive ferrari pole in bahrain. For this, sebastian vettel (12.) and his formula 1 stable rival charles leclerc (14.) was too far away from the top at the end of the first training day.

And there, right at the front, once again lewis hamilton positioned himself. But even the seven-time world champion from mercedes was preoccupied before the starting grid hunt (15.00 o’clock/RTL and sky) the future tires.

Pirelli test rubber felt "not good," hamilton noted after friday’s two practices. "I preferred to stay with the current tires."Vettel shared this assessment. "They are worse than the current tires," judged the four-time world champion. They were not going to improve a premature overheating, but "aggravate" the current problems.

But 2021 is still three grand prix away. At least until the end of the season, hamilton wants to continue his dominance with victories. But the pole position in sakhir was not bad at all. The briton has already secured first place on the grid twice in the stonewest. "We still have work to do," hamilton found.

Especially max verstappen in the red bull presented himself in training as a serious competitor for the fastest lap. His teammate alex albon, on the other hand, gave the mechanics an unexpected amount of work: the thailander demolished his service car after an accident in the last corner. "I was a little surprised by the lack of grip," said albon, who was unharmed. "It’s difficult at this point, it all happened very quickly."

Ferrari won’t make it through qualifying too quickly – probably with elimination at the most. The engine is too weak for that. A repeat of leclerc’s surprise pole in 2019 – the first of his career – is out of reach. "On paper, it’s probably not the best track for us," said vettel, who was fastest there in qualifying last time in 2018. "But we still have a little that we can improve".