Weinstein assistant may have been silenced with money

Weinstein assistant may have been silenced with money

A former assistant of film producer harvey weinstein was, in her own words, paid to keep quiet about sexual harassment. The "financial times" zelda perkins said that weinstein had walked around naked in front of her several times in the late 1990s and had also asked for massages. "He behaved like this on every occasion when we were alone together. I had to wake him up more often in the morning in the hotel and he tried to pull me into his bed", said perkins. She had confessed when a colleague told her about a sexual assault by weinstein.

According to perkins’ account, the two women received a hush money of 250,000 british pounds (about 281,000 euros) when they tried to denounce him. They are also said to have agreed to keep the incidents confidential. Perkins wants to break her contract publicly after 19 years to stimulate a discussion about money and power, she told the newspaper.

Meanwhile, the investigation into weinstein continued to expand. After police in new york and los angeles, the new york district attorney’s office is now investigating alleged sexual assaults. The movie mogul allegedly kept at least eight other women besides perkins from going public with hush money. Weinstein denies forcing women into sex.

Oscar winners matt damon (47) and george clooney (56), expressed dismay at the fallout from the weinstein scandal in a joint interview on the ABC television network. "I knew he was an asshole", said damon. He also described him as a notorious "rogue hunter," perkins said perceived. But the gross abuse of "criminal sexual reenactment" is a crime he was "absolutely not been known.

Clooney said that weinstein had often bragged to him about affairs. But he never really believed him. Weinstein must face his "well-deserved punishment" received, the director and actor explained. It is important that all allegations come to light and that such behavior by men is no longer tolerated. Clooney and damon worked closely with weinstein’s then company miramax, especially in the 1990s.

Also the for the documentary "tyson" and the romantic comedy "a man for two famous u.S. Director james toback faces sexual assault allegations. 38 women accuse the 72-year-old of sexual assault, according to a report in the los angeles times accused of sexually harassing her over the past decades.

On the internet under the keyword #ihave, i.E. "I have (done it)", man as a tater to recognize. US architect thomas wall had tweeted last week: "#metoo is the symptom, #ihave is the cure." Wall called on men to publicly acknowledge their misconduct against women. Previously, women had reported sexual assault under the hashtag #metoo.

The federal acting association now also addresses victims of sexual harassment and lists contact points on the internet. In addition, victims could anonymously describe cases and discuss them in person, a spokesman announced. The federal casting association (BVC) stated that sexual assault is a sad part of everyday life. BVC now also wants to address this issue more offensively.
Shermin langhoff, director of berlin’s maxim gorki theater, called for decisive action against sexual harassment. "What is needed is a political and legal practice that looks and does not look away", wrote the theatermaker, who was born in turkey in 1969, on tuesday in the berlin "tagesspiegel" newspaper.

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