Windheimer without internet

Many people from windheim tried in vain to log on to their internet on thursday and friday. At the same time, according to thomas reub from windheim, it was not possible to report the outage via the provider’s hotline. In his opinion, this is not possible.
The network affected was that of neftv, which has recently been operating under the pyur brand and offers high-speed internet in the munnerstadt area. The provider only found out about the network failure in windheim on friday after an inquiry from the city of munnerstadt. Thomas reub is not surprised. "No one could report the cancellation."
Thomas reub, who partly works from home, had no access to data stored in a cloud for more than 20 hours due to the outage. Another windheimer with a home office had a similar experience. The landline network, which was connected to the internet, was also paralyzed by the outage. All his efforts to report the fault by smartphone failed at the hotline. One did not get through, laments reub.

City informed companies

The city of munnerstadt did not know about the outage on friday morning either, although windheim’s local representative klaus schebler was also affected by the outage. The latter saw the situation rather calmly, because thanks to his cell phone he was able to cope with the breakdown over this long period of time. Rainer straub from the city’s building department was able to reach an employee of the company on friday to report the stoppage. He was then told that a member of staff would take care of him. On friday afternoon, rainer straub announced that windheim was back on the net and that the local representative had been informed. The failure was blamed on a fault in the circuitry.

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