Wolf’s short- and long-term mission at hsv

Wolf's short- and long-term mission at hsv

Hamburger sv coach hannes wolf’s first defeat is like a toothache. "We wanted to take this chance and we didn’t manage to do that," grumbled the 37-year-old coach of the fubball-zweitligist after the 1:3 at holstein kiel.

Originally he wanted to say goodbye to the christmas vacations with 40 points. In fact, there are only 37. But they are still enough to lead the table ahead of relegated team 1. FC koln (36) and FC st, which surprisingly spent the winter in relegation place. Pauli (34).

Despite all the anger about the first defeat in the first leg against kiel (0:3 in the first leg), wolf knew how to keep his feelings in check. The embarrassment over the bankruptcy of the holstein stadium construction site should not get out of hand a few hours before christmas eve. "You have to be upset one day and be back to normal the next day. I’m not going to put my family through the whole day being in a bad mood because of soccer," says the coach. "Christmas is for the family. The children will make it easy for me to forget the game."

Despite the weakest HSV match under his leadership, the series of the former stuttgart bundesliga coach is impressive: seven compulsory match victories, one draw, one defeat. With this kind of consistency, HSV should be able to repair the accident of bundesliga relegation in its first round of penalties. In any case, the team has the ability to do so.

"We are in a good position, we have presented ourselves well," is how sporting director ralf becker sums up the first half of the season. Criticism of his decision to replace coach christian titz after ten games with only a one-point gap to a promotion spot has since fallen silent. Wolf may not have turned the "intact team," as he has repeatedly emphasized, into a high-flying team, but he has stabilized its success.

"The second half of the season will be even sharper," warns wolf. The coach refuses to admit that his team, which had forgotten how to lose in eleven previous games, could have traveled to holstein kiel with arrogance. "I don’t see that it was due to the attitude of the crew," he says. However, he must have felt a little uneasy when he set off on his journey to the forde. "We didn’t train as well the last two days as we did before," he revealed. He does not want to contradict suppositions that his professionals had already been on christmas vacation with their thoughts.

Sporting director becker had imagined a different reunion with his former team-mates at their old stomping grounds in kiel. The double defeat against the strong KSV holstein within four and a half months is "not already", he assures and adds: "nothing is given to us in the league."That’s why the timetable for the first weeks of the new year is now even clearer: "good preparation, first game against sandhausen – three points."